Sunday, May 19, 2024

Kanye Bringing Jim Brown to Trump Meeting Jimmy Kimmel Calls ‘Devil’s Triangle – WATCH

*Oh yeah the excitement for the meeting between the orange a-hole in the White House and the black a-hole from Chicago is at a fever pitch … between them and their followers. Nobody else seems to give a crap.

Yep, Trump can’t wait to have another opportunity to try and exploit the village idiot known as “Ye” to get him to try an sell his BS, such as all the great things his administration has done for black folks such as … nothing that we know of.

Meanwhile, #45 has spoken on tomorrow’s luncheon with Ye, and defended his decision to sit down with the rapper.

“He’s been a terrific guy … y’know he loves what we’re doing for African American jobs.”

Trump says, “Kanye is a smart guy,” and apparently appreciates all the hard work the current administration has done. Trump also revealed Kanye is bringing NFL legend Jim Brown to lunch, who the President applauds as someone who also “gets it.”

He claims Brown really sees that African Americans, Hispanics and Asians “have never done better in this country,” and he’s looking forward to discussing all their victories.

Meanwhile, a lot of folks have expressed concern with Trump and Kanye West meeting, like Montel Williams, who finds it especially concerning the President would take a meeting during a time when Kanye’s mental health has appeared so erratic.


Speaking of the Trump White House getting all chummy with a rep from the hip hop world, Jimmy Kimmel joked about the upcoming White House summit between Kanye West and Donald Trump on his late-night show Tuesday, where he also pointed a hilarious double standard by Fox News’ Sean Hannity when it comes to hip-hop.

“On Thursday, the doors of the White House will open to welcome none other than Kanye West,” Kimmel said. “President of the United States is having lunch with Kanye. Now there’s a Devil’s Triangle for ya. Am I only one who would buy that lunch on pay-per-view? I would love to see what they talk about.”

Kimmel then noted that the rapper and the president would likely discuss “prison reform, gang violence and how good it feels to unload like a maniac on Twitter.”

Kimmel also pointed out Sean Hannity’s hypocrisy by unearthing some archival clips from the Fox News host’s program when rappers were previously invited to the Obama White House. While Hannity chastised Obama in 2011 for inviting Common to the White House – “This is not a good message for our kids,” Hannity said of Common’s invite – the host welcomes West with open arms.

“Kanye West takes a stand for freedom of thought and freedom of expression, we should all support this,” Hannity said.

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