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Charlamagne and Hennessy Carolina (Cardi B’s Sister) Slammed Over Amara La Negra ‘Colorism’ Debate

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Hennessy Carolina (Photo via: Twitter)

*Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina is being dragged on social media for comments she made about Amara La Negra and the debate over colorism.

Amara gave a controversial Breakfast Club interview during which Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy attempted to invalidate her struggles as a dark-skinned Afro-Latina in the music industry.

You can watch the interview via the clip above.

In response to the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star’s insinuation that Cardi benefitted from colorism, Hennessy Carolina fired back at the singer via a long rant on social media, only to later delete the post once folks blasted her for missing the point entirely.

Carolina said instead of dissing Cardi, Amara La Negra should be on her side since they are both Dominicans and because Cardi shares her journey of “da struggle” to gain acceptance.

“Okay I like her she’s obviously beautiful,” Carolina posted. “This is the same message my sister has been trying to spread for a while now, but it doesn’t count because she’s not so dark? People f*** with Cardi because of who she is, not because she’s light skinned. I think that’s what Charlamagne was saying, a girl from her same country with her same hair in braids from the hood that had to become a stripper because it was hard for her to find a job BECAUSE IF HER HAIR AND COLOR. […] We are woke and we’re fighting for the same rights girl.”

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Photo Credit: Twitter.com

The problem many people are having with her statement is the fact that she missed the point of what Amara was saying… or didn’t say. As one Twitter user noted, “I’m so convinced lightskin people have no clue what colorism is. Hennessy Carolina sound DUMB AF RIGHT NOW.”

Another added, “The nerve of someone called “Hennessy Carolina” tryna silence, gaslight and dismiss Amara. Hennessy more like BUD LIGHT carolina.”

And another wrote, “I like Cardi but she needs to get her sister for trying to come at Amara. Amara never said anything bad about Cardi but to act like she doesn’t benefit from being lightskin is crazy.”

Many agree that The Breakfast Club and Hennessy Carolina “really f*cked this one up with Amara La Negra,” wrote a Twitter user, and another user adding: “Everybody playing stupid. I’ve lived in NY my whole life and the Latin culture is hella racist against darker skin tones and curly hair.”

I agree with the user who wrote: “Hennessy be lurking through the hashtags waiting for some1 2 say something about Cardi. She totally missed the point, cos she is too busy being defensive.”

Charlamagne was slammed for, once again, minimizing the hardships of dark-skin black women and Black Twitter called him out. Peep some of the comments below.

During the interview, Amara’s exact words were, “Cardi B is Dominican and she’s mixed with something else, yes. Now she’s America’s darling, okay so at the end of the day she popped off in the American, not the Latin market.”

When DJ Envy asked if Le Negra thought Cardi’s success was made possible because she was “lighter skinned,” the singer tried to explain the difference between Cardi’s journey and her own. But as noted by vibe.com, her body language rubbed Hennessy the wrong way, leading her to argue that Cardi understands the struggle, “but it doesn’t count because she’s not so dark?”

“People f*ck with Cardi because of who she is, not because she’s ‘light skinned,’” she said.

The conversation continued over on Charlamagne’s page, where he discussed with Afro-Latino actor Laz Alonso his misconceptions on the topic. A Twitter user responded with: “I find it so wack that niggas like @cthagod have such big platforms but such elementary understanding of race, gender, class, and sexuality.”

“I think that’s what Charlamagne was trying to say. People like her bc she’s doesn’t sugarcoat sh*t. That’s why people like her, NOT bc she’s light skinned,” Hennessy said in her initial post.

Meanwhile, it’s also worth noting that when Azealia Banks, for example, kept it 100 by not “sugarcoating sh*t,” folks called her “angry” and “ratchet” and “crazy”…words typically hurled at outspoken DARK women. But Cardi can be “loud and ghetto,” drop the N-word, brag about her gang life, argue with “trolls” and “haters” on social media, simulate sex on camera with her rapper boyfriend and she’s showered with praise and awards and folks tell critics to “Let Cardi B live.”

My point: Let’s not pretend that colorism in the black community, and especially in the music/hip-hop industry, doesn’t exist. Afterall, folks will debate about how Cardi B., Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Rachel Dolezal are black…but women who look like Lupita Nyong’o and Azealia Banks are “too black.”

Amara La Negra responded to Hennessy Carolina via The Shade Room saying, “Mama i have never said shes not a hard working girl I have always admire her iv said it in every interview im not putting her down…and she deserves everything god is blessing her with cause shes worked for it. I think your misunderstanding what Im saying..”


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