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Deontay Wilder: ESPN Says Boxer Didn’t Break Mascot’s Jaw [Hilarious Video]

*WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder wanted to show-off how hard he can deliver a punch on ESPN, so his fist met the jaw of the network’s mascot and folks assumed he didn’t realize there was a person inside the costume.

Wilder apologized Sunday after it was widely reported that he broke the mascot performer’s jaw on live TV. But ESPN tells TheWrap that “No injury was caused” during the segment.

In case you missed the hilarity go down, watch the clip above.

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Earlier this month, Wilder sat down with Nación ESPN’s Adicto al Boxeo to promote his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury. As noted by TheWrap, near the end of the segment, Wilder was invited to illustrate his impatience to get the fight started on a BOB punching dummy. He was then egged on by the hosts to spar with the network’s mascot. Wilder punched the mascot’s face, sending him down and pretending to flail about.

The mascot was reportedly protected by a sturdy plastic face attached to a thick cloth body suit. The segment ended with no indication that anyone was hurt, and the clip went unnoticed for almost two weeks.

But last week, a YouTuber uploaded video of the interview with the title “breaking news! deontay wilder breaks a mans jaw on live tv!”

It didn’t take long for several uploads from other YouTubers with similar titles to emerge and multiple media outlets reported that the mascot’s jaw was broken, prompting Wilder to issue an apology on Instagram.

Meanwhile, the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury fight goes down  Dec 1.

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