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Bill Cosby Sentenced 3 to 10 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault Conviction – Goes Straight to Lockdown!

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*Just as most predicted, Bill Cosby will do prison time for his sexual assault conviction. Specifically he will serve 3 to 10 Years in a Pennsylvania state prison and the the judge has denied Cosby bail.

It appears he’s headed straight to lockdown. In fact, he has been remanded and will be locked up immediately. Courthouse witnesses say Cosby emptied his pockets and removed his tie before being taken into custody. If he serves the full term, he’ll be 91 when he’s released.

In imposing the sentence the judge commented:

“I’m not permitted to treat him any differently based on who he is or who he was.” The judge added, “As she [Constand] said, Mr. Cosby, you took her beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it.”

Although the crime carries a maximum of 10 years in prison, Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines provide a range of 22 and 36 months, although the length of sentence can go up an additional year for “aggravated circumstances.”

Also in court Tuesday, prosecutors released Andrea Constand‘s full victim impact statement in which she details the harrowing experience of being sexually assaulted by Cosby, and the aftermath:

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Earlier we reported …

Here’s another nugget from the Bill Cosby trial before his sentencing. You could say it’s the comedian’s last ditch effort to avoid jail time.

Tye now disgraced comedian’s doctor claims he can’t possibly be a threat to anymore victims because he hasn’t been able to have sex in years!

The person who said that was Cosby’s psychologist, Dr. Timothy Foley. He was just on the stand to describe how allegedly feeble Cosby has become in his later years. Foley said,

“He’s 81 years old, he’s been convicted of a sex offense, and after 70 it becomes virtually impossible to reoffend.”

He then said: “He’s had no sexual conduct in approximately 15 years.”

With that statement, it’s obvious the strategy from Cosby’s defense team is that if he can’t have sex anymore, then he can’t possibly be a threat to anymore women and therefore should not be sentenced to hard time in prison.

However, Judge O’Neill addressed the court and strongly disagreed with the doctor’s evaluation, and officially declared Cosby is a “sexually violent predator,” as we reported earlier

Cosby is still in court and sentencing is expected at any moment, stay tuned.

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