Thursday, May 23, 2024

Conservative Candace Owens Challenges Jemele Hill to Debate-on-demand About Racism

*Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens has challenged ESPN’s Jemele Hill to a racism debate after accusing the former “SportsCenter” anchor of being used by Democrats to “paralyze blacks with undue fear.”

It all started after Hill quoted a CNN tweet about anti-gun protesters shutting down part of a highway in Chicago. Hill wrote an all-caps caption, “BUT WHAT ABOUT CHICAGO?”

She then responded to critics by adding that black people “just hate racism.”

“That’s it. And really that’s the only reason we’ve been labeled as liberal. Some people have turned racism into a political issue when it’s a moral one,” Hill said.

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Trump-loving Owens then chimed in with: “All people hate racism, Jemele. Haven’t met a single white person that loves being called a cracker, or a Spanish person that prefers being referred to as a sp*c.”

Owens added, “I’m young though, so there’s still time.”

Hill fired back, “With all due respect, all people do not hate racism.”

She added: “Racism is profitable and worse, comfortable. Showing a disdain for slurs is about appearing polite. I’ll be far more impressed when that energy is used to dismantle systems created to crush marginalized peoples,” Hill wrote.

Owens responded by challenging Hill to a debate on the topic.

“Racism is definitely profitable—on that we agree. It’s why Dems use people like you to continually speak about it,” Owens wrote. “The goal is to paralyze blacks with undue fear, keeping us enslaved to ideologies that continue to fail us.”

Owens added that she would “love to discuss” the topic with Hill on “The Rubin Report,” which bills itself as the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube, per Fox News.

“If you truly believe what you believe, and your goal is to educate— then the greatest thing that we can do is to respectfully debate so that the many people that follow us can understand the source of our perspectives,” Owens wrote.

Through a spokesperson, Owens told Fox News that Hill has not responded to her request.

When Hill was asked by a Twitter user if she would take Owens up on her debate offer, she replied: “I find it so strange that people make these kinds of requests often. Is this pay-per-view? The implication is that anybody tagged in this has to validate their viewpoint.”

Owens fired back: “This seems like a long-winded way to admit that you don’t possess the intellect to back up your assertions. This seems to be the case for all people that chirp the loudest about how racist America is. I wonder why.”

Who do you think would slay in this debate, Hill or Owens? Sound off in the comments.

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