Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Blind Item: ‘Has To Be A Health Department Violation’

lohan beach club

*The following Blind Item comes from Hollywood insider Enty Lawyer. Please address all inquiries and complaints to the original source.

When you get involved with shady people, sometimes shady things happen. Sometimes, you also have to forfeit your share that you were set to receive or you end up dead like the guy who was a partner with our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort and sometime reality star. Now, our reality star didn’t actually put any money into this investment. She doesn’t really have any of her own to invest. She generally lives on the largess of others. However, other investors actually did put up real money and often they put it up after spending an evening with our former actress.

They expected their money back plus a profit. The business model was good. It was actually pretty great. Charge as much as you want and people will still pay it. Having fun and partying and filling up the coffers of the place. Everyone was happy and then they weren’t. About the middle of September, the investment payouts were to be made. One of the investors expecting to be paid confronted the man in charge of the payouts/regular hookup partner of our actress. Instead of getting paid, apparently the man was killed.

The next thing you know, in a span of about 8 hours, the entire operation shut down and our money man has skedaddled. No one knows where he is. If she knows, our actress isn’t saying anything. The investors have asked her. I’m guessing if that place ever does reopen, it will be with brand new owners and a different name.

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