Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Alexis Ohanian Slams ‘Bullsh*t’ Double Standard Between Serena Williams and Brett Kavanaugh

*Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian says it’s “bulls—t” that his wife Serena Williams was held to a higher standard and expected to keep her emotions in check while on the court but Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was given a pass.

As noted by The Huff Post, Williams was heavily criticized for reacting emotionally to an umpire’s calls during her U.S. Open tennis final last month. But when Kavanaugh became visibly upset during his testimony two weeks ago — the White House defended him.

Deborah Barros, a candidate for Alabama State Senate, wrote in a tweet on Saturday that it was “funny how a black female tennis player is held to a higher standard to keep her emotions in check than a Supreme Court nominee.”

Ohanian responded to Barros, saying, “it’s not funny, it’s bullshit.”

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During his testimony, Kavanaugh cried and shouted and his behavior was widely discussed on social media, with many remarking that had he been a woman, the online conversation would be very different.

Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court Saturday.

Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court Saturday.

Ohanian ended his thoughts by writing, “if you’re going to be a Supreme Court Justice ― a job that requires maintaining sober judgement― it shouldn’t matter what questions you have to answer in your job interview, you keep it together.”
He also added that he looks “forward to the cartoon [Herald Sun editor Damon Johnson] puts on the front page about it.”

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