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Jenifer Lewis, Anika Noni Rose and Brandon Victor Dixon Honored at 27th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards (WATCH)

The NAACP’s ‘Salute to Black Theatre’ held their 27th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards on Monday ( February 26th 2018) at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, hosted by philanthropist and actress Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Jenifer Lewis, Anika Noni Rose and Brandon Victor Dixon were among those being honored for their contributions as well as making a difference in the theatre community and abroad.

EUR correspondent Jay Styles was on site speaking with the attendees and other nominees about the importance of theatre and arts as well as supporting the platform.

Sade Moore, who was nominated for Best Lead Female said, “One I just feel so great because the NAACP they acknowledge black excellence and to be a black women at this time is not only hot, and to be black alone is not only hot but to be acknowledged when that is not even the goal but to have someone sit in the audience and say you know what, I love her work and I want to honor her excellence, I feel amazing.”

Danielle Truitt, who was also nominated for Best Lead Female in the stage play ‘Mountain Top’ shared with us on how theatre saved her life.

Oh my God,  theatre literally like….I say saved my life or it changed my life,” Truitt said. “It gave me an outlet and opportunity to storytell in which I feel like is a pillar of the African American community to be able to storytell and pass along tradition and pass along stories to the youth and, so I’m a product of that.”

Actress Anika Noni Rose, who was presented with the Trailblazer Award shared with us that she would like to see more light shared on original material.

“We owe it to these artist who are not getting produced to take their work and allow it to be seen,” Rose said. I’m not big on moving to stage although sometimes it’s magnificent and it really really does work. I just think there is a lot of work we never see and we never produce and we should spend a little more time finding some original things, figuring out what we’re missing and putting those things in the light.”

The ‘Mother of Black Hollywood’ and legendary actress Jenifer Lewis took home the biggest award of the night, being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award but not before serenading the media with the catchy tune “These Fools Told Me To Rap For my Book” in the promotion of her memoir ‘The Mother of Black Hollywood’ which went viral last September.

The legendary actress also had some choice words for the President.

“25 percent of my life is now showbizness, the other 75 is the resistance…I want to say to 45 just in case this gets on the internet… you’re not grabbing anybody by the pussy anymore…here it is… “you’re not grabbing anybody by the pussy anymore,”  Lewis said. You’re not grabbing us by anything anymore. Women are rising up….Dr. Angelou said ‘And still I rise’ and we will rise.”



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