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Shar Jackson’s Daughter Cassalei: ‘My Mother Has Never Laid a Finger on my Child’

Cassalei Jackson (Instagram)
Cassalei Jackson (Instagram)

*Cassalei Jackson is defending her mother Shar Jackson against allegations of child abuse brought by Cassalei’s baby daddy, actor Chris Massey.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Massey asked and was granted a temporary restraining order that keeps Shar away from his 2-year-old daughter with Cassalei.

In court docs, Massey said his daughter, Mariah, had a 4-inch “razor cut” across her forehead after she spent several weeks with Shar. He says Mariah blamed her grandmother for the injury, and that Shar brushed off his concern when Massey confronted her about it.

Chris Massey and Shar Jackson
Chris Massey and Shar Jackson

Today (July 26), Cassalei has come forward to deny that her mom was ever abusive to Mariah.

“My mother has never laid a finger on my child and my ex is a despicable man for slandering her in a futile attempt to save face after his years of documented abuse,” she wrote on social media.

The “documented abuse” she mentions refers to a 2016 incident where Chris was arrested for allegedly pushing her to the ground inside of a hotel lobby in Las Vegas.

Read Cassalei’s response in its entirety below:

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