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‘Now We No!’ Warns Women About Harmful Chemicals in Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

African American woman, Now We No! Harmful Chemicals, Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

*A new movement called “Now We No!” ( is educating women and girls across the country about harmful chemicals that are being used by many companies that manufacture tampons and sanitary napkins.

The FDA does not require the manufacturers to disclose the materials used to create these products, many of which are harmful, and in some cases, deadly.

The average woman will use approximately 11,000 plus sanitary napkins or more in their lifetime, which means women are unknowingly, being slowly poisoned monthly. Tampons are even worse because they restrict the natural flow of a woman, which ultimately results in the high incidence of toxic shock syndrome and other health related problems such as a possible increase in the development of tumors and fibroids.

“Our wives, daughters, mothers, sisters deserve a choice not just to live, but to live a healthy life,” said Edmund Garey, founder of Edmund’s African-American Gifts and Personal Care Products.

He adds, “Sadly, for years, the tampon and sanitary napkin industry have been taking away the option of a healthy lifestyle and in some cases creating products that resulted in death of many of our beloved women. Our mission is to bring awareness to the world about the Now We No! campaign, and it’s solution confirms the need for this information.”

He says that they believe that once women “know” better, they can say “no” to the substandard products they are forced to buy every month.

Via his web site at, Edmund sells a new and revolutionary product for feminine hygiene called Cherish Pads – pads that are the same as over-the-counter feminine hygiene products, but they are chemical free.

Visit the Now We Know website to check out disturbing facts, view a dynamic website and possibly save family members and friends with important information.






Edmund Garey
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