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George Foreman NOW Says Kaepernick ‘Deserves a Job’ – NFLer LeSean McCoy Disagrees- WATCH

*It appears George Foreman has changed his tune (for the most part) about Colin Kaepernick. It was just the other day that the former heavyweight-boxing champ was saying Kaep and even Kevin Durant were not patriots.

We don’t know if he’s reassessed his thoughts on Durant yet, but on Kaepernick he now says there’s NOTHING wrong with his decision to protest and is even calling him as a “great football player” who belongs in the NFL.

Yep, this is a whole new Foreman, so to speak, that appeared on “TMZ Live” on Thursday and addressed his previous comments on Kaepernick.

“There’s nothing wrong with a guy voicing his opinion,” Foreman now says. “When you’re young you gotta have an opinion. What’s the use of being young if you can’t protest?”

Dang, talk about changing one’s mind. It looks like Foreman went from being a hater to lover.

“This guy’s a great football player. I can’t see why he doesn’t have a job. He’s that good.”

He added …

“Any team is gonna be better if they put him on their team. Kaepernick is a great quarterback. He should have a job.”


lesean mccoy - colin kaepernick

Well, George Foreman may have changed his mind about Colin Kaepernick, but one LeSean McCoy, the Buffalo Bills running back, is not a believer and says talk of NFL teams not adding Kaepernick to their rosters because of his national anthem protest last year is bunk. McCoy believes it’s because he’s a bum player.

“You just got to look at all sides, like if I’m an owner, or the GM of a team, do I want to put him on my team? Is he good enough to be on the squad, to even deal with everything that’s going on? That’s something that I don’t really partake in,” McCoy told reporters after the Buffalo Bills practice session on Thursday.

McCoy, who should have not even answered the question as far as we’re concerned, went on to say he thinks a better player like Tom Brady or Odell Beckham wouldn’t even be dealing with the heat Kaepernick is getting.

Sheesh, try wrapping your brain around that. Or this:

“Take a guy like Michael Vick who went through all that he went through. He’s 10 times better than Kaepernick. So you’ll deal with that situation. You’ll deal with that attention, the media aspect of it, the good the bad attention to it compared to Kaepernick, he’s really not that good of a player.”

(That comment also makes zero sense … us, but we digress. Watch what LeSean McCoy has to say below.)


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