Saturday, June 22, 2024

LeBron James ‘Definitely Leaving’ Cavaliers, Relationship with Owners ‘Beyond Repair’

to leave cavs

*A recent Bleacher report noted how Cavs owner Dan Gilbert donated three quarters of a million dollars to Trump’s inauguration.

The news comes as NBA champ LeBron James — once again — made it clear he is NOT a fan of #45.

James tweeted throughout the weekend about how horribly Trump and his administration handled the white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville:

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leaving cleveland

You recall how Gilbert never PUBLICLY apologized for that questionable slave-like letter, and this latest move has only heightened the tension between him and his star player.

According to several reports, LeBron is ready to leave Cleveland…ASAP. Veteran sports writer Chris Sheridan broke the news, saying Bron is definitely leaving after this season, and it’s because of Dan Gilbert and co.

Meanwhile, fans have expressed that their only interest is championship rings. They could care less about the internal politics:

to leave cavs



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