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Charles Oakley Officially Banned From Madison Square Garden Following Scuffle with Knicks Owner (Video)

Banned From Madison Square Garden

*Former New York Knicks player Charles Oakley has been banned from Madison Square Garden during the upcoming NBA season, as part of a plea deal connected with the February 8 dust-up between Oakley, Knicks owner James Dolan and arena security.

Things could have been much worse—Oakley was originally banned for life from the arena. Despite accepting the deal, he’s still considering legal action against Dolan.

It was the decision of the Knicks owner, who has a long history of disputes with Oakley, to ban him for one full year.

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In February, retired Oakley got into a bizarre scuffle with Dolan during a game at MSG. The beloved retired Knicks player had to be escorted from the Garden by security guards. He was arrested and charged with three misdemeanor assault charges.

According to several reports, Oakley’s ejection came way before the pushing and shoving started. He was asked to leave during the game because Dolan could hear Oakley talking trash about the leadership of the team.

Oakley denies taunting Dolan, and those sitting near him during the game said nothing he said or did was directed at the Knicks owner.




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