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‘Dr. Cathy’: Atlanta’s Celebrity Sex Doctor Says ‘More Sex for Better Health’

Atlanta, GA  – Atlanta-based doctor Catherine Emeruwa, affectionately known by her patients as “Dr. Cathy,” is steadily building a medical empire around a topic many of her contemporaries are afraid to touch.

S-E-X, a three-letter word that elicits an array of responses ranging from the mischievous smirk, to the gasp of shock and embarrassment.

Even married couples struggle with the subject, which is why Dr. Cathy is on a mission to promote important dialogue and understanding about the extraordinary health and life benefits that exist between the sheets.

Dr. Catherine Emeruwa - Dr. Cathy
Dr. Catherine Emeruwa a/k/a Dr. Cathy

“Although sex is everywhere in popular culture, in TV and in our music, it is still seen as very taboo in our society,” said Dr. Cathy, who owns three health centers in metro Atlanta. “Everyone does it, but people are afraid to talk about it. Married couples are scared to communicate their needs and wants with their partners. I know doctors who won’t even discuss it with their patients. Something is wrong with that.”

After graduating from medical school and doing her residency, Dr. Cathy developed a knack for identifying diseases that others could not detect. When she opened her practice in 2000, she saw that people were either getting sick, or dying from various illnesses that conventional treatment alone could not cure. So, she decided to do some investigating and found the world of alternative and holistic medicine. Applying what she had learned, it was not long before she saw a dramatic shift in the recovery of her patients. Not only were they healthier, but they raved about how much their performance in the bedroom had improved.

“When you find that you can integrate both worlds (conventional and alternative medicine), you’ll see that their health gets better, and when their health gets better, the first thing they’ll tell you is their sex life gets better,” Dr. Cathy said. “So, I saw a correlation between health and sex. After helping these patients, I started getting all of these phone calls, emails, cards and hugs in the office.  I said hmm, I may be on to something here.”

From that point, she has not looked back, and her clinics have grown from treating the everyday visitor to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her success has led to her adopting the nickname, the “Celebrity Sex Doctor.” She has become the go-to physician for everything from sexual dysfunction and marital-intimacy issues to weight loss.

Unlike most doctors, Dr. Cathy spends at least one hour with each patient, getting to know them, discussing any health issues, and determining how factors outside of the physical may contribute to their diminished health and lack of sexual performance. A series of tests are conducted, including an assessment of hormone levels to detect dips in testosterone, or shifts in estrogen. If there is a problem there, she can address it.

Dr. Cathy encourages couples to be intimate. According to her, and many supporting studies, sex helps to keep the heart strong, reduces stress, improves circulation and leads to more vibrant, glowing skin.

“Sex is very good for you,” she adds. “Studies show that if you have two orgasms a week, you live longer.”

Always an enterprising woman, Dr. Cathy has created her own line of weight-loss supplements and sex enhancers for men and women. She is launching a talk show on sex and relationships in the spring of 2017, and planning to expand her practice to Miami and Los Angeles. Her vast accomplishments are a far cry from her childhood desire to be an artistic painter, which her father, a Nigerian microbiologist, strongly opposed. He demanded that she become a doctor. Therefore, she substituted her paint brush for a stethoscope, and her canvas became the human body.

“I used medicine and I turned it into my art, which is what keeps me going. It is an artistic form of medicine. Just like I would bring life to a painting, I now bring life to my patients,” she said.

To learn more about Dr. Cathy, visit or reach out at [email protected].




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