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Russell Simmons’ Nephew Says He’s Seen Rituals at Def Jam (LISTEN)

Be warned: Pre-recorded interviews in this story are NSFW:

Russell Simmons poses for a photo after an interview at LinkedIn on May 26, 2016 in New York City.
Rap producer Russell Simmons is 60

*Prior to the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Russell Simmons, his own Nephew Jamal Simmons was on the Murder Master Music Show where he made claims about his famous uncle and the occult.

When speaking about the occult, the Flatlinerz front man was asked if his Uncle Russell Simmons was ever seen taking part in those activities he said,  “Like I said everyone has got a good side and a bad side” then went onto say more.

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Ritualistic Behavior at Def Jam 

When asked if he seen rituals at Def Jam

“Yep, Yep! I am not giving my soul up and I’m not giving my hole up! Your a$$hole is connected to your spine and your spine is connected to your brain

“Like I said everyone has got a good side and a bad side. Everyone has got them eyes for you to see. That’s all I’m gonna say, I ain’t gonna say anymore that’s my Uncle and I love him. That’s all I’m gonna say on that level, on other levels we can talk, but not right now. Everybody has good parts about them but nobody is gonna get to up there with out going through alotta s\*t of which I am not willing to go through.”

On Jay-Z Success

“He got to the top how he got there. You are asking for answers that we could expand on but s\*t is dangerous ni**a. So what I am going to say is any mutha fu**a with eyes can see. Its very clear because they want it to be clear. They want you to make a decision. I know mutha f***az that worship Satan, but they want you to listen to them because you accept it. They want you to know. They own in!”*

There is a Satanic Agenda in the Industry

“I don’t know what the fuck these rappers are talking about now days. This is part of the Satanic Agenda. We are living in a satanic era when you see grown men wearing dresses acting feminine. Can’t nobody tell me nothing that shit is not natural. If you study anything of a biblical nature all of the high societies developed into such a way when there was a lotta homosexuality during those end times. This is a theme that is being played today. That’s why the first album was called U.S.A. under Satan’s authority not with Satan’s authority but under Satan’s authority and the USA is under Satan’s authority. People wasn’t ready for it then.”

Redrum of Flatlinerz on Def Jam and his Uncle Russell Simmons

“First of all we came in under the esteemed Jam Master Jay. For those who don’t know  my name is Jamel Simmons and my Uncle is Russell Simmons and my other Uncle is Joseph Simmons, but the person who took interest in us was Jam Master Jay. After that Russell and Def Jam jumped in on it and they tried to commercialize us. They tried to promote us as the demons of Hiphop but we were trying to just express occultism that is going on in everyday life that people dont have knowledge of.

“Def Jam, look at the name of it, Def Jam. You have intonation which is a spell, what does a spell mean? How you spell things! So you hear the word Def even though they trick you when they spell it, but what it is, is Death. We are talking about jams that are about death and killing. The shit that came out of Def Jam was about killing, selling drugs, demoralizing women and breaking apart the family structure and Def Jam was at the forefront of all of that.

“There’s a relationship, I just seen him not to long ago but again I chose a different path in life, I seperated myself from that for obvious reasons. He’s still my family, but I’m free of trying to pursue that life because it’s a lie. I’m here to tell you from coming from Def Jam it’s not what you think it is. Nobody owns nothing in that world.”

Original Source: Murder Master Music Show  of  www.ugs4life.com Redrum of Flatlinerz was Interviewed by Prezident Bejda , Pittsburgh Pat and Mac Jay on the Murder Master Music Show

If any information is used PLEASE cite the Murder Master Music Show (mention in anything published) also please use the video links provided, thank you! -Prez






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