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Jasmyne Cannick Breaks Down Kendall Jenner’s Complicity in Pepsi Ad in 30 Seconds (WATCH)

*Wednesday night (04-05-17), well known political and social issues commentator Jasmyne Cannick succinctly broke down Kendall Jenner’s complicit behavior in that controversial Pepsi ad on Los Angeles’ Fox affiliate station Fox 11.

Check out the clip below from her Instagram page.

Watch the full interview below.




  1. From the NY Daily News

    Thursday, April 6, 2017, 4:17 PM
    That now-infamous Pepsi commercial was only possible because white America, at some deep level of media consciousness, has forgotten that African Americans also have grievances in this country. You can’t open your Facebook without think-pieces, or “elegies,” written for and about the poor, disgruntled, white male American.

    His industry is dying, his culture is fading, he’s addicted to opioids and fake news. Elite, coastal bias caused so many to overlook his struggle. It’s that hubris which led to Donald Trump losing the popular vote but becoming President anyway, so I’ve been told exclusively by white people.

    In that context, it makes perfect sense for a corporation to produce a commercial focused around Kendall Jenner — a white person — wafting through a block-party-cum-protest full of dancing black people and soulful cello players on her way to handing a white cop a Pepsi and thereby solving conflict in America. If you are myopically focused on aggrieved whites, a reality star being nice to a police officer who probably won’t shoot her seems like exactly what is missing in this country.

    Michael Jordan once apocryphally said “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Pepsi, evidently, forgot that black people buy soft drinks, too. They didn’t notice how tone-deaf their ad was, until Twitter — “black Twitter,” mainly — told them so.

    MLK Jr.’s daughter slams controversial Pepsi ad
    The same thing is going to happen to the Democrats in 2018, if they keep up their blinkered response to the rise of Trump. They’re going to roll out there with a bunch of Congressional candidates they think are poised to capitalize on white disappointment with the Trump regime, and they’re going to find a bunch of black people who are having none of it.

    Even though the Trump administration has taken the fight directly and viciously to vulnerable communities of color during these opening days, connecting with white economic grievances and talking about contacts with Russia is what beltway types seem to think will bring Trump down. Trump and Russia is a story people want “America first’ whites to care about.(NYLA COMMENT,ANYTHING IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS CLOWN DISAPPEAR)

    Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is showing black people exactly what they “have to lose” with Trump in power. Sessions has issued two orders designed to hurt urban minority communities. The first was the bald threat to pull funding from “sanctuary cities,” like New York, unless local police forces agree to conform the federal government’s increasingly Draconian immigration protocols.

    The second was the threat to pull back on consent decrees with police departments, which are one way the federal government forces local law cops to do their job within the bounds of the Constitution.

    Kendall Jenner, Pepsi appropriate the resistance to sell soda
    Kumbaya, or something
    Kumbaya, or something (PEPSI)
    Sessions doesn’t like consent decrees because they usurp local control. But he wants to take sanctuary cities to the woodshed unless they let the federal government manage local police. The two suggestions don’t work together has a coherent philosophy, but nicely combine to bring fear to minorities living in cities, if that’s your thing.

    It’s easy to overlook these orders, if you really think nothing will get too heated between the cops and the communities they police as long as there’s enough Pepsi on hand.

    It’s not that the political parties, or Pepsi, have forgotten that #BlackLivesMatters exists, and it’s not that Jeff Sessions’ machinations at the Justice Department have gone completely unnoticed. It’s that these issues have been subsumed by the obsessive national conversation about what’s really going on with the Trump voter.

    Democrats desperately want to know why these people seemingly voted against their economic self-interest. And so we’re not allowed to get through one news cycle without stopping to consider if some displaced buggy whip manufacturer agrees with the sartorial choices of a woman in a head-scarf.

    Rosario Dawson, Patton Oswalt and more lash out at Pepsi ad
    Call me an East-Coast, liberal elitist snob if you must, but I do not care what current theory of victimization the Trump voter uses to justify his political choices.

    America, and Democrats especially, would do well to remember that I have political power too. It’s going to take more than joining the Pepsi outrage to keep me in the fold. If all they’ve got for me politically is a focus on the aggrieved white man, they’re going to find me sitting at home, having a Coke and a smile, on Election Day 2018.

    Mystal is an editor for Above the Law and host of “Persuade Me” on WNYC.


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