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Sam Jackson to Obsessive Fan: ‘Learn to Say Please & F**k You!’

samuel l.-jackson*Samuel L. Jackson has always been known for expressing how he feels.

And an obsessive fan was no exception as he got in a back and forth with Jackson on social media in response to an encounter they had at The Worldwide Radio Summit, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, Complex reports.

The fan, who was identified as a local New England radio host who goes by “The Fitz,” put Jackson on blast in a nine-minute video he posted to Facebook on Sunday (April 17).

According to The Fitz, Jackson denied his request for a photo after he approached the actor as Jackson was exiting his car with a bodyguard and some associates for a photo. From Jackson’s reaction, he was not in the mood to be bothered at the time.

“NOPE!” Jackson told The Fitz before walking off.

“I’m a fan of me too,” The Fitz said were Jackson’s words when he told him he was a fan of his.

The 103.7 The Peak radio fixture, who was clearly taking the rejection with humor, mentioned that while he’s previously interviewed Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, he never experienced disrespect up until he encountered Jackson.

Complex notes that in The Fitz’s commentary, “he wavers between at one point characterizing the experience as “a big threat,” and yet calling it “probably the highlight of my life.”’

As the conversation expanded on to Twitter, The Fitz stated that his interaction with Jackson and the entertainer’s refusal to honor his photo request left him “shattered.”

“I refused the photo politely @FollowFITZ then you spazzed out! Learn to say Please & Fuck You!” Jackson posted at 1:20 a.m. Sunday.

From there, The Fitz and Jackson exchange tweets as they dispute each other’s claims.

“If you’re going to be told ‘F you’ on Twitter by anybody, it’s awesome if it’s done by Samuel L. Jackson,” The Fitz declared in his live broadcast while sitting in the foreground of a photo of Jackson and a print out of a quote which he later explains inspired him to expose Jackson’s rejection. “I’m a fan of me too,” the print out reads.

Wrapping things up, Jackson, who clearly didn’t have time to continue the back and forth, posted a final thought for The Fitz, saying, “You saw it your way, I see it mine. Stop whining, it’s over!”

And there it is. One man’s dis is another man’s best day ever. Scroll below to see the Twitter exchange between Jackson and The Fitz:

samuel l. jackson tweet to the fitz 1the fitz tweet to samuel l. jackson 1samuel l. jackson tweet to the fitz 2


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