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Russell Simmons Pens Response To Kate Upton & Kaepernick Critics

russell-simmons4*Kate Upton prompted outrage after calling NFL players kneeling in anti-racism protest on 9/11 ‘horrific.’ The model has been accused of missing the point with her post claiming all Americans are ‘truly blessed’ in this nation that’s ripe with police brutality and growing racial tensions.

Upton said players especially should be “proud to be American, especially on 9/11 when we should support each other.” One Twitter user replied to her criticism by writing, “Kate, if you see this as being un-American then you do not understand this country at all. They are kneeling because they ARE American. They are black Americans that have to face racism on a daily basis. Racism does not sleep. Police brutality does not stop because it is 9/11.”

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Another user wrote, “They’re protesting how the government treats minorities. Maybe everyone should be a little less proud in the face of that.”

In an exclusive for The Undefeated, Russell Simmons penned a response to Upton and others who have an issue with Colin Kaepernick’s protest and the timing.

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“Protesting when the nation honors its great heroes highlights the long bridge between injustices. For those who have been left uncomfortable, I would say that’s the whole point of these courageous acts. Being uncomfortable is what creates change in people, and change in people changes systems, and systems in our country that need change have deep roots in racial oppression, including policing and the criminal justice system.”

Simmons also explained that the digital revolution and media exposure of the protests allows “the opportunity to foster better relationships between the police and the communities they serve.”

In closing, the media mogul called for compassion, empathy, and an open mind necessary to unite the country.

“My friend, as we attempt to move forward in this country, compassion has to be the torch that shines light on our path. The human heart has the ability to open up to the suffering of all people, even when the timing of its expression makes others uncomfortable.”

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