Monday, May 20, 2024

The Pain of Finding Out You’re One Minute Younger Than Your Twin Sister (Watch)

Alexis (L) and Ava McClure
Alexis (L) and Ava McClure

*Perhaps the cutest thing you will see all day are these self-described “adorable” 3-year-old twins happily being interviewed by their mom on video before things take a turn into sadness and heartbreak.

Darkness set in when mom Ami McClure informed them that Ava is one minute older than Alexis.

The stunned look of hurt and disappointment that slowly overtakes Alexis as she comes to realize she is not as “big” as her sister has made this video go viral.

“I’m just one minute older,” says Ava, repeating her mother’s reassuring words and reaching out a consoling palm to Alexis’ chin.

“But I wanna grow,” she responds through tears of disappointment.

Watch the entire display of cuteness below, and try not to cry over Alexis’ pain:

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