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On ‘The Talk’: Hosts Discuss Bullying, Social Media with Guest Co-Host Lori Loughlin (WATCH)

Hosts Discuss Bullying; Julie Chen: “That Bullying Made Me Who I Am Today”
*On “The Talk,” while discussing Keke Palmer’s defense of Kylie Jenner being bullied online, Aisha Tyler and Julie Chen reflected on their experiences being bullied.

Tyler says:

“…the one thing I tell people who have kids who are bullied, I always say weird kids make the most interesting and iconoclastic adults.”

Guest co-host Lori Laughlin worries about her teen daughters, saying:

“They’re easily injured, they’re very self-conscious as it is, you don’t need any more negativity and unfortunately, online, in social media, people can hide behind things and say awful things and it’s a real concern… A couple of days ago I was like, you know, I think I’m going to shut down my Twitter and just forget the whole thing.”

Being bullied for being the only Asian kid in her class, Chen reflects:

“…that bullying made me who I am today. The stereotype is that Asians are subservient, we’re pacifist, and it made me not want to be that and to come out of my shell… I wanted to succeed so I wouldn’t be disrespected.”

Linda Thompson Told Elvis While in Bed; ‘I’m going to marry’ Bruce Jenner 
Of her memoir “A Little Thing Called Life,” author and award-winning lyricist Linda Thompson says, “It’s not a tell-all.” She shares stories from her book about her “sensational” life, including relationships with Elvis Presley and Bruce Jenner. During the 1976 Summer Olympics, Thompson says she and Presley were watching Bruce Jenner’s winning decathlon performances. She says she told Presley, “‘One day I’m going to marry that man.’ Just to tweak a little jealously… And he said, ‘Over my dead body. Good luck with that.'”

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