Sunday, June 16, 2024

A New Meme is Born: Internet Roasting Reaches New Heights over Yung Joc’s Blow Out


*As the Internet was having its way with Yung Joc over his new blow out hairstyle, the rapper filmed an Instagram video to say that he “won,” because folks can’t stop talking about it.

“What if I just chose to do something different because I knew yo’ mother f**kin’ ass would talk about it?” he said.

From the video, it became clear that the new “cool Auntie” look, as most people on social media have dubbed it, is for an unnamed movie role.

“We working on movies, man…motion pictures,” said Stevie J of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” in a follow up IG video shot on a Delta plane.

Watch below:

Up early with the Shxts….. #WWJD

A video posted by Jasiel Robinson (@joclive) on

Whatever the reason for his coiffure, the Internet roasting has been relentless since the moment the original photo surfaced.

Here’s just a tiny fraction:

Yung Joc even got in on the fun himself, posting several memes making the rounds:

I love yall please keep em coming #WWJD

A photo posted by Jasiel Robinson (@joclive) on

Bwahahahah!!!! #WWJD #Jocfactor

A photo posted by Jasiel Robinson (@joclive) on

More memes:


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