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Kindred the Family Soul Step Out on Faith and Love to Preserve Their ‘Legacy’


The miracle is life. Love is what’s magic.

Lanaa Dantzler “Love Is…” (part 1)

*It’s been  thirteen years since Aja and Fatin Dantzler told the world they wanted to go “Far Away” via their debut of the same name. All these years later, people start screaming for the song two, three songs into the duo’s set during concerts. It could be the bassline or catchy chorus, but my money is the lyrics are relatable to nearly everyone who’s heard the song and they want to grab hold to that feeling of packing a bag and getting away from here. Wherever “here” may be for them. With the release of Legacy of Love, the couple’s sixth album, Kindred the Family Soul has encapsulated the feeling of “Far Away” in a twelve song suite that marks their continued growth as a husband and wife, father and mother, man and woman.

The lead single, “All My People”, puts music to the action Aja and Fatin have demonstrated around Philadelphia over the past few years, as they’ve become more involved in helping to shape the city’s landscape. The two have become active in the politics of the city’s educational system, family structure, community awareness, as well as health and wellness. The chorus sings, “I want all my people around me / Everybody livin’ good / Everybody eatin’ good / Everybody chillin’.,” before adding the punctuation with, “I want for my brother what I want for myself.” It’s a declaration of hope, an aspiration for brotherhood and sisterhood that envelops what has always been the Sound of Philadelphia. One listen Aja’s verses on “Where Do We Go” and you hear the anguish of the Black Lives Matter movement articulated through song. On “Get There” and “Never Know”, they offer a lifeline to those treading water in hopes of staying afloat amidst the rising tide of increasing costs and frustrations.

This album is a window to the world outside our front doors, but as always, the Dantzlers open their door and allow us into the home they’ve built through love and music. We’ve heard their love letters to one another for six albums now and it never gets old; their interaction on record (and live) inspire couples around the world and gives a real account of a relationship growing through time. Fatin speaks for husbands everywhere when he sings, “Came in late at night then I jumped in the shower/But now you got me talking for hours/I was tired now I’m feeling the power”, before Aja joins and sings “Come a little closer, let me show you how I feel about you.” It’s that sort of realness that makes Kindred the Family Soul so relatable, why their shows sellout across the country and in Europe.

They’re the people’s champs.

When you become a representative of your audience, you are looked upon to do things that push them beyond their comfort zones, as you have unofficially become a leader. Aja and Fatin took that step by releasing Legacy of Love completely independent; there’s no label backing, this album was made through time-honored relationships and the money they’ve generated through the years. It’s a huge undertaking, but a bet that will pay off, because their core fans have remained loyal throughout their career and they add new members to their extended family at each tour stop. Architects of the neo-soul sound, Vidal Davis and James Poyser, handled much of the production alongside Anthony Bell, Melvin Chaos Lewis and Steve McKie, steering us through lush arrangements that accentuate the latest stories from Kindred the Family Soul.

The album is appropriately titled as Kindred the Family Soul’s legacy truly is love. Love for one another, love for their children, their extended family and community of friends, love for all their people and of course, their love for music. Legacy of Love is their latest best album, because the pair continues to grow as singers and songwriters, husband and wife and man and woman, all of which continues to inform the music they make.

Kindred the Family Soul’s sixth album, Legacy of Love, will be released August 30th on We-Are-Not-a-Label and is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. To order an autographed copy and other KTFS merchandise, visit

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, drop in to Warmdaddy’s (1400 S. Columbus Blvd.) for an Eat & Greet album release with Kindred the Family Soul on August 30th.


Catch Kindred the Family Soul Live:

  • September 2nd and 3rd – Yoshi’s (Oakland, CA)
  • September 5th – Harlow’s (Sacramento, CA)
  • September 10th – Camden Arts & Music Festival (Camden, NJ)
  • October 12th – BB King’s Blues Club & Grill (New York, NY)
  • October 14th – Howard Theatre (Washington, DC)
  • October 23rd – 30th – Capital Jazz Cruise

Follow Fatin (@kindredthefam) and Aja (@kindredthewife) to stay updated on new tour dates, video releases and more.

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