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Mom Beats Teen Daughter on Facebook Live for Posting ‘Thot’ Pics with Boyfriend (Watch)


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*By now, you’ve seen video of the woman in Savannah, Georgia beating her 16-year-old daughter on Facebook Live for posting a photo of herself in nothing but a towel, and next to her boyfriend.

Despite multiple commenters calling for the mother’s arrest, the Savannah Police Department told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Monday they hadn’t heard anything about the incident.

The mother was identified by as Shanavia Miller. When she found out that her 16-year-old daughter, Nia Green, posted the risque photo on Saturday, she unleashed a five-minute ass whupping on the child and had someone film it for Facebook Live as part of her punishment.

The mother started off using a piece of wood. “You wanna be a thot on Facebook?” Miller began.

She then tells whoever is holding the camera to follow her into the laundry room, where she continues beating the girl with her hands.

“You nasty as hell,” Miller shouts as she hits Green in the face, stomach and shoulders. “You got me f***ed up!”

“Get your grades up in school before you think about opening your legs. Keep your room cleaned and actually be nice to your sister!” Miller said at one point.

The woman eventually takes the phone from whoever was holding it and said, “This is my f***ing Facebook page now.”

She aims the camera at her daughter, who is covering her face, and accuses the teen of making her look like a bad mother.

Watch below:

The clip wracked up more than 2.2 million views, as well as multiple commenters calling for the mother’s arrest.

Miller made good on her promise and changed made Nia’s Facebook page her own, including swapping out Nia’s profile pic for her own, below.

nia green
Shanavia Miller’s FB photo 

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