Saturday, June 22, 2024

Lil Wayne Describes Latest Seizure as ‘False Alarm’

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

*After TMZ reported Monday that Lil Wayne had suffered a seizure last week that required hospitalization, the rapper took to Twitter.

“False Alarm! I appreciate da prayers and konsern but I’m good!!! Luv!!!!,” he wrote Monday night.

It’s unclear if his use of “false alarm” means he never had the seizure, had something other than a seizure, or if he’s referring to TMZ’s entire report as a false alarm.

The site reported that the seizure was so severe that he had to cancel his scheduled performance at a pre-UFC 200 event in Vegas, but Wayne reassured his followers that he’s now “good.”

The rapper also reportedly suffered two seizures last month, making an emergency landing on June 13 in Nebraska when he had the consecutive attacks. His seizures date back to October 2012, and he admitted in a 2013 interview that he suffers from epilepsy and is “prone to seizures.”

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