Friday, June 21, 2024

Carly Fiorina Falls Off Stage & Ted Cruz Ignores Her (WATCH)

*Oh Lord. We can only image how much fun Donald Trump is going to have with this unfortunate incident starring Ted Cruz’s VP pick, Carly Fiorina.

We can see it now. Instead of focusing on Hillary Clinton The Donald is gonna get his cookies by laying into Fiorina and Ted Cruz about the incident.

In a lot of ways we guess we could blame him, cause the mishap pretty much captures Ted Cruz’s campaign to be the GOP presidential nominee.

As Raw Story, put it, after a short speech talking about why she has so much love for Ted Cruz and a fair amount of pandering to Indiana voters, Fiorina brought on the candidate and his family. Everything at this point was normal, but as you can see from the video it looks like tight quarters with people all over the stage.

The political family came out, kids first and senator last and there went Carly off of the stage. Heidi notices and you can see the “OH!” expression on her face as she reaches down. An unidentified tall, white man with a military haircut comes from the left and helps Fiorina back up onto the stage.

Meanwhile, “Lying” Ted Cruz – as Trump calls him – continues to wave to the crowd as if nothing has happened.

Watch it again:

source: raw story

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