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Game Teams with LAPD for New PSA; Waka Flocka Calls Out Fake Activists (Watch)

The Game (L), Waka Flocka
The Game (L), Waka Flocka

*The Game continues his efforts to dialogue with LAPD in the wake of recent police killings of black men and revenge killings against officers, but his latest endeavor appears to have irritated rapper Waka Flocka, who filmed two videos on Wednesday (July 20) questioning the sincerity of “gangster rappers” who are suddenly activists.

The Game’s new 48-second video with LAPD police chief Charlie Beck, released earlier on Wednesday, has both reciting stats about gun violence and promoting positivity. It’s the first in a new #StopTheViolence campaign that will feature more public figures spreading messages about the importance of dialogue and mutual accountability.

Watch The Game’s #StoptheViolence PSA below:

The PSA is also the latest effort from The Game to dialogue with LAPD following the recent shootings. Earlier this month, he and Snoop Dogg led a peaceful march to LAPD headquarters, where they met with Beck and mayor Eric Garcetti to discuss ways to improve to the relationship between police and minority communities. Last weekend, the Game met with Beck again to hold an anti-violence summit with anti-gang activists and gang members.

But Waka Flocka is skeptical. He took to Instagram Wednesday to call out “gangsta rappers…showing their bodies and d**k prints,” who are suddenly activists following the recent police shootings.

“Sh*t be funny to me,” Waka said in one of two videos. “People be like ‘Waka, why you not standing up and saying this?’ Because rap n*ggas is funny to me. One minute they shoe salesmen, they f*cking garbage men, revolutionary men, now they gangsta rappers. They f*cking models on Instagram, showing their bodies and d**k prints. These n*ggas is confused. I can’t talk about nothing I don’t fully understand. I’m not going to lead people to a f*cked up direction and make people go a certain way.”

Watch below:

Facts!!! Don’t start this internet instigating… ?

A video posted by WAKA FLOCKA (@wakaflocka) on

Just not for the lame shit. i/we want action and truth!!!!

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The Game responded to Waka’s videos with his own, using a Jamaican accent to come for Waka’s supposed breakup with wife Tammy Rivera:

Unfortunately, this didn’t end there. Waka responded to The Game’s response, claiming he wasn’t even coming for the Compton rapper in his original videos.

“Like if you felt I was even talking about you, you should have just called me my n*gga. I wasn’t even talking about you. How many n*ggas posed with they sh*t out? I’m just saying sh*t that happened. I pose nude for PETA n*gga. I’m not ashamed of sh*t I did, I’m just talking. But if you were on positive vibes, you would’ve called me on some positive sh*t instead of being real commercial and comical about it. Turning this sh*t into some kind of war. This is real positive vibes right here. I’m not mad at you homie. But just know you fed into what the blogs wanted.

Watch below:

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