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Cissy Houston Accused of Prolonging Estate Battle with Bobby Brown

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*Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy is being accused of dragging out the legal battle with Bobbi Kristina’s estate and her father Bobby Brown, according to The court-appointed administrator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate says she is trying to divert money from the estate to Bobby Brown.

Following Bobbi Kristina’s medically induced coma, a Georgia judge appointed an administrator to handle her trust with the co-trustees that had been appointed prior to her tragic death.

Since her death, the administrator, Bedelia C. Hargrove, and the co-trustees, Pat and Cissy Houston, have been battling it out in court over everything from the Nick Gordon lawsuit to the Houston’s being asked to reimburse certain funeral costs, which they refuse to pay.

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Last month, a letter was sent by the lawyer for the administrator, accusing Cissy and Pat Houston of being unable to perform their duties primarily because of their hostility towards Bobby Brown.

The two women are accused of unnecessarily dragging out the legal battle and damaging the KEH 2012 Trust by incurring an enormous amount of attorney fees from their unwillingness to pay the expenses of the administration.

Prior to her death, Cissy and Pat backed off their efforts to withhold Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance. TMZ reported back in 2012 that Cissy and Pat Houston, co-executors of Whitney Houston’s estate, tried to change how Bobbi Kristina would receive her mother’s $20 million fortune.

The original plan was for Bobbi Kristina to get the money in three large amounts: 10 percent when she turns 21 ($2 mil), just under 20 percent at age 25 ($4 mil) and the remainder when she turns 30 ($16 mil).

Pat and Cissy agreed that giving Bobbi access to Whitney’s fortune would be “too much, too soon.” There was also concerns that she was surrounded by too many negative influences, including her boyfriend Nick Gordon.


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