Sunday, May 19, 2024

Charles Barkley Gives Kevin Durant Some Twitter Advice

charles barkley, kevin durant,*Charles Barkley opened up about the Twitter advice he gave Kevin Durant, according to Sports Illustrated. Even though he’s not on the social platform, he still keeps up with what athletes are posting.

“I saw Kevin Durant arguing with people not too long ago,” Barkley said. ‘Kevin Durant is a great, great player and great guy.”

“So some kid he played against in high school made a thing that he kicked all of these NBA guys’s butts in high school and he put KD in there. Meanwhile, this guy is like a plumber,” he added.

He continued with, “So Kevin Durant and this guy are arguing with each other and I am reading this in a newspaper thinking, ‘Dude, you are Kevin Durant. Why are you arguing with a plumber? (There’s nothing wrong with being a plumber, I might add) but you are Kevin Durant!’ Same thing with RGIII and Colin Kaepernick. I’m like, ‘Dudes, why are you arguing with someone on the Internet?’ I always use this analogy when it comes to sports fans: Just because you watch Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t mean you can perform an operation.”

Durant once threatened to leave Twitter, but he’s still on. Not only is he active, but he responds to fans and critics who tweet at him. Barkley gave some general Twitter advice for athletes as well.

“I would say stay away but there is a never a right or wrong answer,” he said. “No matter what you say half the people are going to agree with you and half the people are going to disagree with you. That’s the one thing that sucks about being in the limelight.”

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