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Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner Attend Alien-Grey Carpet for LA Premiere of ‘ARRIVAL’


*On Sunday night,(11-06-16) on the alien-grey carpet, EUR caught up with the cast of the science-fiction drama “Arrival” led by Amy Adams, who stars as expert linguist Louise Banks summoned to decipher the language of aliens, who arrive on earth in a mysterious spacecraft.

Adams shared that reading the script for the first time “looked tricky” but compelling and knew she would have to read several times before understanding how to play her character’s role.

“It began sort of when I opened the script and started reading and for a science fiction film to begin in a way this one does, it was compelling to me, Adams said. And as it led me through the story of their arrival and how we were going to then decipher their language, it became absolutely fascinating.


Adams’ co star Jeremy Renner, who plays a physicist in the film, describes Paramount Pictures’ “Arrival” as thoughtful, emotional and intelligent.

‘After a giant summer that we’ve had of big movies, that are all kinds of big forms of entertainment, it’s kind of refreshing now in this time of the year where we get[something different] Renner said. It’s still a big movie, the Arrival, bigger than I anticipated but it’s more thoughtful, emotional, intelligent and it leaves you with something to think about and feel afterwards.”

Jeremy also shares what his thoughts were the first time watching the film but then taking away something different after digesting the dialogue.

“Personally after I saw it for the first time, it was one thing how I felt. Then after speaking about it after so much time, then it got me thinking on the dialogue about other things that I never really ever anticipated, Renner said. “To me it always felt like a small little movie and then what the director did with this thing made it this big, epic, and a thoughtful film.”

“Arrival” premieres in theaters on Nov. 11th.


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