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Ahmad Rashad Gets Married For Fifth Time

Ahmad Rashad, married*Former NFL star turned NBA TV analyst (and ageless wonder)  Ahmad Rashad has gotten married for the fifth time. The “lucky” lady this go around is Miami couples therapist and actress Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz. They tied the knot back in April in Palm Beach County, reports Jose Lambiet’s South Florida based Gossip Extra. His marriage certificate just popped up in county records, which you can peep below.

Rashad is 66 and Rodriguez-Paz is 34, and their marriage license shows that they were hitched in a ceremony led by one of the bride’s family members in Palm Beach Gardens. Rashad shared photos of his new bride, one of them together at the banquet (see above) and another one of her in a bikini on Twitter. (see below)

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Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz

The former Minnesota Vikings star receiver followed in the footsteps of his hero Michael Jordan, who married a much younger Latina from Miami three years ago.

In 2013, Rashad divorced his fourth wife, former model Sale Johnson, the ex-wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. He was also married to actress Phylicia Rashad back when she starred alongside Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show.” Ahmad famously asked her to marry him on national television in 1985 during the halftime broadcast of a Thanksgiving NFL game. In 2001, after nearly sixteen years of marriage, Ahmad and Phylicia divorced.

He married his first wife in 1969, Deidre Waters, and in 1976, Ahmad married his second wife, Matilda Johnson. They divorced in 1979. As for his fifth wife, Rodriguez-Luz runs a successful psychology practice with offices in Boca Raton and Miami after getting a degree from NYU.

Ana Luz Rodriguez-Paz

“I approach work as a therapist the same way I approach life,” Rodriguez-Luz writes in a description of her practice, “choosing to emphasize strengths over weakness and using positive reinforcement to endorse change.

“I specialize in family and couples therapy, as well as individual counseling. I help many individuals and families by developing weekly treatment plans for a variety of situations including family adjustment issues, adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD and depression, communication and more.

“Couples therapy helps bring to light you and your partner’s concerns. Whether you are a married couple or pre-marital couple. Family Therapy focuses on individuals’ functions within the family and how that systemically affects the greater group.”

In 2007, Rodriguez-Paz got the leading role in Consensual Injustice, an indie drama about the Ponce massacre, the killing of anti-US protesters in 1937 Puerto Rico.

Ahmad Rashad, wedding certificate


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