Friday, May 20, 2022

The EURweb/AAFCA Report: ‘Birth of a Nation’ (WATCH)

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As Hollywood gears up to unveil its fall lineup of films and TV shows, “The AAFCA Report” will take you to the center of the mix, giving you the full scope on what’s what and what’s not when it comes to your time and money! “The AAFCA Report” will also keep you informed on the latest controversies, like if Hollywood is going to put a put a pause on #OscarsSoWhite for this year and which films and TV shows will be hits and have you talking and Tweeting about them.

Our first episode gives you the true breakdown on “The Birth of the Nation,” this year’s most controversial movie, and the one that we’ve been waiting for all year. Especially after it broke the record at the Sundance Film Festival. Yes, the film was purchased for $17.5 million. It’s about the legendary black revolutionist Nat Turner – a slave who took the ultimate stand against the wrong that had been done to his people. Here you get real talk from the film’s star Nate Parker (who wrote, produced and directed) and two of his co-stars – Coleman Domingo and Aja Naomi King, about why you need to get your butts to the theatre to see this film.

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