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Tamar Reveals She Dated a Physically and Mentally Abusive Man (Watch)

tamar braxton (on the real)

*Tamar Braxton revealed a shocker from her past on “The Real.” She was in a previous mentally and physically abusive relationship.

“God really saved me from myself, because I was with the wrong person, and when I was with the wrong person, it made me feel bad about who I was,” she said.

He was not only physically violent against Braxton, but he drained her, worn down her self-esteem and discouraged her from her goals in life.

“He made me feel so bad about having dreams, having goals…and my dreams and goals was not the same as his,” she added. “And because of that he used to beat me down, mentally and physically. It was just a really hard time for me.”

She revealed to her co-hosts and the audience he got away with it because he preyed on her lack thereof direction and ability at the time to make the right decisions.

“The only reason why he got away with it then is because I did not know who I was, and I could not make the right decisions for myself because I didn’t know where to go…”

She added, “yes, I do, and I did, have a real strong family background, but at that time, if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where to go.”

“That’s why I like to encourage all young ladies — I say it during my shows, I’m gonna say it here — get to know you,” she encouraged young women in a similar situation.

Nevertheless, Braxton is a happily married woman to her manager Vince Herbert these days. And she’s enjoying motherhood to a 19-month-old son, Baby Logan. Her family has been hitting a few small bumps on the road, that’s all.

Watch the emotional clip below:

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