Saturday, May 18, 2024

Paula Patton Called to Testify in ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit

Paula-Patton*Paula Patton may have split with Robin Thicke, but things are pointing to the former couple meeting again in a courtroom.

Patton is being called to testify in a lawsuit from over whether Thicke ripped off  his hit “Blurred Lines” from the late Marvin Gaye. Court documents related to the case reveal that Patton is listed as a witness for the case, which still looks to be headed to trial.

The suit, which comes from Gaye’s family, involves “Blurred Line” as well as other tunes from Thicke. Patton is expected to testify about Thicke’s 2011 song, “Love After War.” Marvin Gaye III believes the track covers his father’s classic song “After the Dance.” notes that Patton co-wrote “Love After War” with Thicke as well as appeared in the song’s music video.

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