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Kel Mitchell on His New Live Action Series ‘Game Shakers’ on Nickelodeon.

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*Nickelodeon’s new live action series “Game Shakers centers on two 12 –year old girls, Babe and Kenzie, who create the mobile game Sky Whale for their science project.

After creating the most popular app of the year, Babe and Kenzie use their profits, to start “Game Shakers,” a super cool gaming company in Brooklyn, New York.

Not realizing they illegally sampled a song in their game from superstar rapper Double G, they decide to make the rap star their business partner and hire his son Triple G as a game consultant.

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“Game Shakers” stars Cree Cicchino as Babe, Madisyn Shipman as Kenzie, Benjamin “Lil P-NUT” Flores Jr. as Triple G, Thomas Kuc as Hudson and Kel Mitchell as Double G.

EUR associate H’erica Thompson was on the scene to meet the cast.

EUR: Tell us about your characters on “Game Shakers.”

KEL MITCHELL: I play this over the top physical comedic hip hop mogul. Imagine Diddy and Dr. Dre and then put some of my characters like Ed from Good Burger or Coach Kreeton from All That.

BENJAMIN “LIL P-NUT” FLORES JR: He’s a lot like me we both have a lot of swag and he’s very cool. He’s the son of a rapper. He’s rich but wants to hang out with kids his own age. I get to fly jets and break computers.

THOMAS KUC:  My character Hudson is silly, friendly and everyone’s friend. I get to be a reggae potato. Everyone should watch our show its fun and kids can learn and have the games and music on our show.

CREE CICCHINO: (smiling) Babe is a really strong New York character. She leads the group. She’s fun and clever.

MADISYN SHIPMAN: (laughing) Kenzie is an intelligent and social girl with no filter and she gets straight to the point.

EUR:  Are there any similarities between you and the characters you play on “Game Shakers?”

KEL MITCHELL: (laughing) Yeah, times a hundred. I think that if you take me and how I’m into music. I love music I’m always dancing. My wife tells me I have dance fever. I think that’s why it’s a dream role to play because I can just go over the top with it.

BENJAMIN “LIL P-NUT” FLORES JR: Yes, I have a lot of swag, good looks and I know how to dress.

THOMAS KUC:  I make jokes like him but I’m not really like him because my character Hudson is an airhead.

CREE CICCHINO:  I am similar because I’m from New York. I represent the Queens. Whoop whoop. I don’t get into as much trouble as my character.

MADISYN SHIPMAN:  I am like the same person. I’m a super nerd. Everyone has a quirky side.  Game Shakers premiers on Sat 12th at 8:30. It’s not a school night so watch.

EUR: What’s it like working with Kel Mitchell?

BENJAMIN “LIL P-NUT” FLORES:  I am the biggest Keenan & Kel fan. Working with him is a dream come true.

THOMAS KUC: It’s awesome. Hello, Keenan & Kel.

CREE CICCHINO:  It’s so much fun, he helps us on set and we learn a lot from him.

MADISYN SHIPMAN:  He’s a legend. We call him Uncle Kel.

EUR: What’s it like to be working back with the Nickelodeon family?

KEL MITCHELL: To be able to do this again and work with Dan Schneider who I’ve worked with many times over the years is just awesome. I get to improv, ad lib and have fun with these characters. It’s going to be an awesome show.

EUR:  You have been doing standup comedy. Has that help prepare you for this show?

KEL MITCHELL: Definitely, I get to talk to the kids and let them know now. I’m like the older one on set so I’m Uncle Kel. I get to give them advice now.

EUR: Why should we watch Nickelodeon’s “Game Shakers?”

KEL MITCHELL: The show has a cool app called Sky Whale that you can download in real life. The kids can see the games on the show and download them. There’s never been a show that I’ve seen.  The music on the show is great. I’m really doing music and performances. I watched Chris Brown for an hour to get my dances right. It’s fun. You’ll enjoy it.

“Game Shakers” debuts September 12 on Nickelodeon. Click HERE for more info.

Watch the “Game Shakers” trailer:

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