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After 2 Months in Jail Rapper Bobby Shmurda Posts $2 Million Bail

bobby shmurda with (squat - mc )

*Ackquille Pollard, better known to the world as Bobby Shmurda, posted a bond of $2 million on Friday.

New York authorities say Ackquille Polard/Shumurda was allegedly the driving force behind a gang accused of murder and the sale of narcotics from Brooklyn to South Beach.

“Ackquille is the driving force behind the GS9 gang,” said Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinha at his arraignment, “He is also a violent enforcer of the gang’s activity. He’s a drug dealer, and a prolific one at that.”

Shmurda was put in lockdown in December for his role in a massive drug and firearm ring, several brazen public shootings and the murder of a 19-year-old rival.

Bail for the 20-year-old :”Hot Ni**a” rapper was set at $2 million when he was arraigned on conspiracy to commit murder, assault and drug dealing raps in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to Page 6.

Shmurda, is expected to be back on the street as early as Monday (02-02-15), sources said. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering how he finally made bail, his bondsman isn’t talking.

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