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Tasha Smith Makes Directorial Debut with ‘Boxed In’ at 2015 ABFF (WATCH)



tasha smith (abff)

*Tasha Smith‘s directorial debut, “Boxed In,” recently made its premiere at the AMC 25 Theater in New York City during the 19th annual American Black Film Festival (ABFF) to a filled to excess crowd.

Produced by Kim Ogletree and starring the lovely Tyra Ferrell, Walter Fauntleroy, and Antonique Smith, this short but powerful movie explores mental illness in the African American community, specifically in the form of bipolar disorder.

This gripping story of a mother dealing with her son’s bipolar disease and all the elements that come with it, inclusive of his girlfriend’s ability to “hang in there,” sheds light on the reality of this oft “swept under the rug” subject in the African American community.

The movie was followed by a Q & A session by Kim Ogletree, Tyra Ferrell, and Tasha Smith in which Smith discussed her inspiration for the movie, the dynamics of being a first time director and filming on a minimal budget with only 4 days to shoot, the hilarious encounters she experienced at USC, and most importantly, how bipolar disorder affects black women and men and the black family as a whole.

Watch Smith speak during the Q & A on bipolar disorder below in the video.

Actress, Director Tasha Smith

Actress, Director Tasha Smith

Sidra Smith, Kim Ogletree, Tyra Ferrell, Tasha Smith

Sidra Smith, Kim Ogletree, Tyra Ferrell, Tasha Smith

Gorgeous twin sisters Sidra Smith, Tasha Smith

Gorgeous twin sisters Sidra Smith, Tasha Smith

Panel discussion after world premiere of "Boxed In". Directed by Tasha Smith.

Panel discussion after world premiere of “Boxed In”. Directed by Tasha Smith.

Photos/story by Madge Evans.

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Common Announces New Project Out Oct 30, New Track Used in Michelle Obama Initiative



Common (red-orange hue1)
Common (red-orange hue)


*Today, Common announces the release of his new project, A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1, out Friday, October 30, through Loma Vista Recordings.

This instant hip hop classic and call to action from the modern-day renaissance man – a GRAMMY-, Emmy-, and Oscar-winning artist, activist, actor, and two time New York Times Bestselling author – features seven new songs and two new interludes that catch Common at a new prime in his career. With a core band that includes Robert Glasper (keys), Karriem Riggins (drums), Burniss Travis (bass), Isaiah Sharkey (guitar), and PJ (vocals), plus features from Black Thought and Lenny Kravitz, A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 is music meant to “uplift, heal, and inspire listeners dealing with racial injustices as well as other social injustices,” says Common.

He continues: A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 is affirmation. It’s recognition. It’s elevation. It’s music to go with a movement. Because the truth is, there is still so much work to do. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we need to make sure things do not return to the status quo. The intention of the music is to channel all of our pain and outrage into something productive, inspirational, and good. It’s to help lead a movement into our next phase of the work to be done.”

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Our first taste of the project comes with the new single “Say Peace.” This shape-shifting sonic shuffle finds Common trading bars with Black Thought and PJ, as the music mirrors the illusory search for peace that we all pursue. On the new song, Common simply says: “I found my peace, my peace through making these albums.”

Common will perform the new single, joined by Black Thought and PJ, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on November 4th, the night after the U.S. presidential election.

As part of Michelle Obama’s “When We All Vote” initiative, Michelle is currently featuring another track from the forthcoming Common project – “A Place In This World.” Check out the special shoutout from the former First Lady here:

A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1’s cover art is based on photography by Ghanaian photographer and artist Derrick Boateng. The collection will be accompanied by a full-length listening film directed by Mark Leibowitz and featuring Common’s full band performing in colorful, vibrant environments inspired by Boateng’s photographs.

To celebrate his new project, on Friday, October 30, Common will be hosting an album listening experience on his Youtube channel. Stay tuned for more details:

Common performed tracks from A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 last weekend as part of Afropunk’s virtual festival Planet Afropunk 2020. Stay tuned for more from Common throughout the rest of 2020.

A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 Tracklist:



Say Peace (feat. Black Thought)

What Do You Say (Move It Baby)


A Place In This World

A Riot In My Mind (feat. Lenny Kravitz)

Don’t Forget Who You Are


Common is the modern renaissance man — a GRAMMY-, Emmy-, and Oscar-winning artist, activist, actor, and two time New York Times Bestselling author. A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1 follows his “exquisite” (People) 2019 album, Let Love, which Stereogum called “one of his most personal, raw collections.”

More Praise For Common and Let Love

“Fluid, deceptively intricate…[Common] has never been more open.” — AllMusic

“The universally recognized master lyricist is back…A very personal exploration of Common’s relationship with love.” — KCRW

“Meticulous storytelling… Common approaches the ideas of light and hope with a more realistic outlook, producing a record that effectively touches every listener.”— Hypebeast

“Sonically, the album is a time capsule of the greatest moments in black music history. Lyrically, it’s hard-hitting reality about the present day…a captivating tale about using love as a weapon to overcome.” — Exclaim

“It couldn’t be more timely.” — The Independent UK


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Jerome Ware
[email protected]


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Omarosa Joins ‘The Special Report with Areva Martin’ – Talks Trump & Failing Marriage / WATCH



Omarosa (screenshot1)

*On Wednesday, October 28th, former White House Advisor and reality star of The Apprentice, Omarosa Manigualt Newman joined the digital tri-weekly talk show The Special Report with Areva Martin and continued her spree of brazenly candid and eye-opening remarks from her tenure as one of President Donald Trump’s White House Advisors.

Following her latest claims on the British morning talk show “Lorraine,” where she said First Lady Melania Trump is “repulsed” by the President, Omarosa’s latest claim is that POTUS and FLOTUS may be heading towards divorce following the end of their term.

“I certainly believe that they are on the verge of divorce based on episodes that I witnessed with own eyes, and seeing some of their fights while I was in both of their presences. But I also think that she’s repulsed by him and she can’t wait until their out of office so she doesn’t have to deal with him ever again.”

CHECK THIS OUT: Will Downing to Release New Single ‘So Many Good Die Young’ on Nov. 11

Areva & Omarosa (screenshot)

Areva Martin, a civil rights attorney and political correspondent for CNN, went on to ask Omarosa for her thoughts on Trump’s storming out of his 60 Minutes interview, his alleged use of the N-word while filming The Apprentice, and Trump’s repeated verbal name calling and attacks of black women.

Check out the interview via the Facebook player at top of page.




source: Image Elevators


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EUR Exclusive | ‘Spells’ Omari Hardwick Will Have Your Feet Clutching! (Watch)



Omari Hardwick, spell

*This Friday, Omari Hardwick (Marquis T. Woods) awakens wounded, alone and trapped in Ms. Eloise’s (Loretta Devine) attic in Paramount Pictures’ “Spell.

EUR reporter Fahnia Thomas talked to the actor about telepathy, parking lots and the subconscious mind.

FT: Clairvoyants and tarot cards – yea or nay?

OH: Nay, I don’t get down with it – it carries crazy energy. Words carry a lot of energy so there is no way tarot cards and Ouija boards don’t.

FT: What’s the last thing you manifested?

OH: I’m good at manifesting parking spots. For years Jae (Pfautch) has said, [jokingly] ‘Omari has slept with the parking attendant.’ I’ve guessed all three of the kids genders, we’ve never had a doctor tell us. But being a poet I don’t know if you have a little bit of that prophetic gift. For sure my career…a lot of it has been manifested by my energy and what I put out but there’s still a lot of craft and a lot of worth ethic.

MORE NEWS: Chadwick Boseman’s Brother is Celebrating Two Years of Being Cancer Free

Spell - poster

Omari Hardwick stars in ‘Spell’ (Paramount)

FT: What was it like on set working with Loretta Devine?

OH: What’s in a name…she’s Divine! Our previous relationship working on Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” connected us. Both of us come from [the theater world] and we have a level of respect for one another. It’s a beautiful thing to say you love someone and not in the proverbial [adolescent] ‘love you! Mean it!’ We were really on some like, ‘Yo, I love you!’ Her family was there and my family was there in South Africa. It was a big deal.

FT: What are your thoughts about fans who won’t let you get away from your James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick character?

OH: The subconscious is a very deep thing. Subconsciously we as a people [God bless us] aren’t as aware of how much we have needed to matter. I don’t get the same thing from my African, Haitian, Canadian or white fans. The fans who look like you and I…remind me of what we’ve had to endure [in America]…I think it comes from the fact they’ve never seen a person – no slight to what Wesley Snipes did for Nino Brown in “New Jack City” – who was such an anti-hero, hero. Ghost was loving, doting, a killer and a dreamer but he looked cool doing it. We made a white guy look like the bad guy…I guess, I nailed it enough to make people go so far subconsciously…why would we want to let him go? I forgive it. Does it frustrate me? Hell, yeah! But I forgive it!

For more details about “Spell” follow #watchspell or click here.

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