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‘Waiting to Exhale’ Sequel is ‘Dead in the Water’ says Terry McMillan

Waiting-to-Exhale cast*All hopes for a big screen sequel to Terry McMillan’s “Waiting to Exhale” have been squashed by the author herself.

Chatting with, McMillan confessed that no progress has been seriously made since the 1995 original. Among the reasons cited was Whitney Houston’s unexpected death in 2012.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen. I really don’t,” McMillan told the site. “It’s been horrible since Whitney [Houston] passed away for a whole lot of reasons. Fox wanted to basically eliminate that character altogether from the story. How they thought that was going to work, I don’t know.”

Although she admits to the sequel not being as successful as it’s predecessor without a big name star like Houston, McMillan believes that someone just as talented could step in to play the late vocalist’s character Savannah.

“As much as I loved Whitney and I loved her in that role…any time they can have seven different 007s, as iconic as Whitney was and still was, it was a role. It wasn’t Whitney Houston; it was Savannah; you know what I mean,” said the best-selling writer, who offered her own suggestion for suitable replacement. “I still think that Viola Davis would have done and could do a great job playing Savannah.”

Although nothing significant has happened with the sequel, McMillan added that scripts for the project have been attempted, but it just didn’t come together well.

“They got somebody else to write the script. There have been two or three drafts, but it just wasn’t working,” she said while voicing that she would have liked to bring “Getting to Happy,” the title of the book sequel, to movie screens. “It was a story that I thought was more compelling than trying to compete with the predecessor. That’s Hollywood. I think it’s kinda dead in the water.”

Hmm, McMillan has point. So what do you think? Weigh in below.

Terry McMillan
Terry McMillan



  1. If Bobbi Kris would not have bad mouthed Angela then she could have played Savannahs daughter and Savannahs death been written into the sequel. It’s about getting to happy right ?!

    • I personally believe that the concept of a sequel to waiting to exhale wouldn’t even feel right, its been sooo long ago, you can’t always rekindle the flame of a unique awe inspiring movie such as that one. I watched the movie over and over again because it was different, w beautiful strong characters that made me feel extra proud to be black. Besides I wouldn’t want to see it without Whitney, it just wouldn’t be the same, it was more special w her prescence.

  2. Vivica A. Fox, Gabriel Union, Megan Goode, Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Ari Parker-Kojo, Rosario Dawson, Jurnee Smollett, Tika Sumpter, Anika Noni Rose, Thandie Newton, Paula Patton, Rochelle Aytes, Vanessa Williams, Nia Long, Kimberly Elise, Lynn, Whitfield Tasha Smith, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Zoe Saldana, and so many more….

    All of the aforementioned actresses are qualified to play Savannah…

  3. I agree with Nicky Jackson’s previous post. There are a lot of current and talented actresses that can bring and keep Savannah alive. I know that Whitney had a big name, but a lot of the previous mentions do too. Besides the storyline wasn’t just based on Savannah the other characters are extant as well. So why can’t we recast Savannah and view the next chapters of these characters lives?

  4. Lee Thomas, Nicky Jackson, I don’t think it will ever be made. If you remember ever since her disastrous marriage to the down-low brother, Ms McMillan recalling the details of fake marriage, she acted like a nut-job when, I can’t remember who interviewd her but, her head was rocking, eye rolls, was a sight to behold. She hasn’t been right since, and is very difficult to work with.

  5. I hear you nightshift…

    If what you say is accurate, that would be a game changer, because being “difficult to work with” would be problematic.

    The first film was great, and it sure would be nice to see the lives of the women continued.

    There are too many excellent actors who can play “Savannah…” No disrespect to Whitney at all, but as Lee alluded, Savannah is part of an ensemble, which makes it easier for someone else to carry on the legacy of the character… (Don’t forget, Gregory Hines has passed on too, so he would need to be replaced as well.)

    All the cast would need is a tight script, and they’d be good to go… But that would be on the one and only, Ms. Terry McMillan…

  6. Nightshift – one question – have you ever directly and personally worked with Terry McMillan? I have, pre and post-divorce, and she is nothing but gracious, dedicated, intelligent, creative and collaborative. Even when she disagrees with a person or a situation, she is as incredibly professional as she is vocal. If you have a personal and direct experience to share, please do that, instead of going off or hearsay or some snippet you saw in the media.

  7. Halle Berry would have made an Excellent Savannah…Whitney Houston was Iconic. However, Halle is an excellent actress.

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