Monday, October 3, 2022

Charles Barkley on Why He and Michael Jordan are no Longer Friends (Watch)

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*Since their days on the court, things have changed between Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. They are no longer cool like that.

Barkley opened up about why he is not friends with Jordan anymore on “The Seth Davis Show,” according to

“He was offended by some things I said about him on television,” Barkley said. “I said Michael wasn’t doing a good job — he’s doing a great job now, (the Hornets have) gotten better,” he said.

He added, “they’ve made some great signings — but they weren’t doing good and I thought he didn’t have good people around him.”

He continued with, “and I said that, because I was asked that question. Your job is to be an analyst. It’s not to protect your friends … no, he’s not feeling that.”

Back in 2012, Barkley discussed how Jordan reacted to him criticizing his abilities as a general manager. He didn’t take the news too well.

“I thought my name was SOB and MF,” Barkley told USA Today Sports. “Dude I can’t get on the radio and tell people you’re doing a good job … Michael is as cheap as they come.”

Watch the clip below:



  1. I don’t think Jordan will lose anything from not having Barkley as a “friend” anymore.
    His reaction to Ferguson and Trayvon Martin removed any doubt that he is a certified Uncle Tom.

  2. I think this IMPROVES my opinion of Michael Jordan!

    This is VERY POSITIVE!

    Charles Barkley was doing his job… Charles better continue to dance, shuck & jive for his bread and butter!

    He is NOT very bright. He needs his job so that when he is eventually pulled over and mistreated… he will have enough $$$ to get an attorney.

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    Jordan is one of those celebs who give u that who are u to tell me “NO” & criticize my actions vibe being Im successful & on a higher status than u. This is also the same Jordan who has never uttered one word of peeps getting robbed & killed over his over priced sneakers that yall continue to fight in line & buy over & over.
    Charles Barkley has diarrhea of the mouth to snap at something he has an issue with or to be comical, but ball up into a house negro when
    his voice is needed in the trenches on the front line.

  4. Barkley, C. Is a non factor, in most people of color life anyway. He has always criticized people of color. If he would take the time to look in the mirror, and see that his opinions, really don’t matter to anyone except him. And know that he does not have a heaven or hell, to send any man too, he would shut the hell up. Barkley, no one cares about your opinions. Get a life, stop running down people, and get yourself some mental help.

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