Sunday, June 23, 2024

Why California Reparations was a FAILURE. #AB3121 (Opinion) | WATCH

*California has announced its reparations package and it is a largely unfunded generalized policy. Attorney Antonio Moore – who testified as a lead expert when the #AB3121 bill was in its infancy – explains how the legislative body failed to create any form of functional reparations policy.

Governor Gavin Newsom showed early support for the process. But the Sacrament Bee released an opinion piece late last year stating, “Newsom disengaged as he faces reparation bills next year.”

A list of the proposed bills and letters released by the California Legislative Black Caucus are listed below.

Moore delves into each in the video and shows how none of them are reparations for trillions of dollars lost by Black American families as a result of American slavery.

California Reparations

MORE NEWS ON EURWEB: California Lawmakers Unveil Sweeping Legislative Proposals Aimed At Slavery Reparations

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