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Wendy Williams’ Son Forced to Adapt to a More Subdued Lifestyle

his snap of Wendy Williams, Snoop Dogg and Wendy's son, Kevin Hunter Jr, was taken INSIDE 50 Cents' party that Wendy was not welcome at. (Photo: Instagram)
Wendy Williams, Snoop Dogg, and Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr (Photo: Instagram)

*Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., reportedly works as a party promoter to make ends meet after his mother’s financial support was reduced by a court-appointed guardian who controls Wendy’s finances.

RadarOnline reports that the 23-year-old has had to cut back on expenses and take a low-profile job in Miami, where he throws parties to make ends meet. Apparently, Kevin no longer has the financial support of his mother amid her ongoing mental health issues. 

Williams allegedly set up a plan for her son to access pre-set funds accessible to him while he is enrolled as a full-time student at Barry University.

According to court documents, Williams’ Wells Fargo account was frozen after her financial adviser said the former daytime talk show host is of “unsound mind.” 

As Radar reports, in 2022, the bank effectively petitioned a New York court to establish a temporary financial guardianship for her.

Wendy Williams
Kevin Hunter Jr. – Wendy Williams / Getty

Meanwhile, according to reports, Kevin and Wendy’s former manager, Will Selby, allegedly made significant earnings from the controversial new Lifetime docuseries, “Where Is Wendy Williams?”

NewsNation writes, “While there are no specifics about exactly how much Selby and Hunter Jr. got paid, sources told me it was likely “seven figures.” This would explain why Selby insisted on shooting – even after it was clear they wouldn’t be filming a “comeback” show as initially promised to Williams.”

Williams grapples with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, conditions that affect both her behavior and cognitive abilities. We reported earlier that Sabrina Morrissey, the court-appointed guardian of Wendy, alleges that the former talk show host was not in a fit mental state when she signed a contract to participate in the docuseries.

Lfetime’s “Where Is Wendy Williams?” premiered Feb. 24, and the second installment aired the next day. Morrissey filed a lawsuit days before the series debut to stop it from airing. She accuses the network of “unconscionably” exploiting Williams for “entertainment value.”

“This blatant exploitation of a vulnerable woman with a serious medical condition who is beloved by millions within and outside of African American community is disgusting, and it cannot be allowed,” the document reads.

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