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TikToker Blasts Home-Based Unlicensed ATL Hairstylists: ‘Let us Know WTF is Going on!’ | WATCH

TikToker HottGozzip - screenshot
TikToker HottGozzip – screenshot

*Unlicensed hairstylists working from home in Atlanta are in the line of fire via a TikTok user exposing how they do business. Taking to the popular social media platform, the user, named Hottgozzip, has not been shy in letting folks know that the stylists live in the hood, often in dirty apartments.

“You don’t get your deposit back. It’s nonrefundable,” Hottgozzip said, while appealing to the unlicensed hairstylist to let their clients know about their hood status. “We don’t know when to get in the car, take our pocketbook back home… Don’t leave nothing out on your website. Let us know WTF going on.”

The hairstylists weren’t the only ones catching Hottgozzip’s wrath. The hairstylists with significant others were also put on blast as she shared exactly how she felt about them.

“Your boyfriend look like he ready to rob somebody. We don’t know what to do. We’re clutching our pocketbooks,” said Hottgozzip.

The TikToker’s comments echo similar barbs taken by others who have weighed in on the unlicensed hairstylist issue in Atlanta and other cities.

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Sandra Rose noted that most of the unlicensed hairstylists are known for not giving refunds, frequently canceling appointments, and demanding deposits. The shortcomings are a major blow against the hairstylists who advertise their services via TikTok or Instagram as well as the Black hair industry itself.

Since posting her rant, Hottgozzip’s video has gone viral with more than 62,000 views on TikTok.

The situation with the Black hair industry in Atlanta has scarred the city. According to Sandra Rose, the ATL has “little to no regulation of the hair industry.

“Anyone can call themselves a hairstylist in Atlanta. Most stylists don’t wash hair and they don’t know how to use Marcel irons,” the site mentioned, highlighting the difficulty for some women to get a basic wash and set.

TikTok User Hotgozzip / Photo: via Screengrab
TikTok User Hotgozzip / screenshot

Among those highlighted on Sandra Rose was Naeema Finley, the owner of the Smyrna-Ga.-based salon Curlie Girlz Rock. In her eyes, the lack of licensed hairstylists is very telling about the state of the industry.

“It’s really hard to get people in the chairs that are licensed,” Finley said, referring to Atlanta hairstylists as “influencers.”

“A lot of people become famous on social media and then try to get into the industry without actually holding a license. People are finding that instead of going to school for a year, I can just do natural hair and get away with some things that aren’t getting caught by inspectors.”

Offering a return to the days of licensed hairstylists, Najah Aziz relayed her reason for starting Beauty Beyond the Hair, a series of classes and workshops set up to teach licensed hairstylists how to run reputable hair salons.

“I was frustrated. I was one of those clients who would go into a salon and be there for six hours,” said the Atlanta owner of Like the River salon. “How we can fix this is by offering more professionalism and customer service,” Aziz said via social media. “I educate stylists on techniques of hair and the business acumen of hair. I want us to win as a community.”

So, what say you? Do you agree with Hottgozzip, Aziz, and Finley? Does the Black hair industry need an upgrade to give customers a better experience and services?

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