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NY Slavery Reparations Panel Members Put ‘Uncle Tim’ Label on Tim Scott – Blame ‘White Folks’ for Climate Change

Sen. Tim Scott
Sen. Tim Scott delivers the official GOP response to President Biden’s State of the Union address (Apr 28, 2021)

*New York’s panel to address reparations from slavery is starting on the wrong foot. According to the Daily Mail, members of the new organization are being blasted for calling black Republican senator Tim Scott “Uncle Tim,” in addition to blaming white people for climate change and criticizing Israel before HAMAS attacked the country on Oct. 7.

Regarding Scott, comments from reparations panelist Ron Daniels have resulted in calls for Governor Kathy Hochul to fire him after past tweets were found, branding the South Carolina politician a frontman for white supremacy and calling him “Uncle Tim.”

‘Uncle Tim’ Scott, Who Picked Cotton On the Plantation, Is ‘Still On the Plantation,’ the Black World 21st Century founder and president posted in a 2021 tweet in his description of Scott. “Picked to Be the ‘Black Face’ To Suppress/Black Power/Black Freedom On Behalf of White Supremacy/White Power and That’s ‘The Cotton Picking Truth’ #BewareofUncleTim.”

In addition to blasting Scott, Daniels’ old tweets promoted more controversy by touching on climate control. In his eyes, “white folks” are to blame for the issue, with black people stepping in to “save the planet.”

‘White Folks Messed Up the Weather = Black Folks Save the Planet,’ Daniels tweeted three years ago.

Fast forward to more recent times and Daniels hasn’t paused, weighing negatively on Israel while posting a picture of a large Palestinian flag.

‘With silence, comes complacency. No Homeland. No Peace. No Justice, No Peace in Israel,’ the controversial political commentator tweeted in October last year above the flag. “There will never be peace in Israel until the Palestinians have a home. Military force will quench the thirst of the Palestinian people for justice. No Homeland, No Peace!”

As if Daniels’ antics aren’t enough, his fellow reparations panel associate, Lurie Daniel Favors, is causing a stir on her own with calls to defund the police.

The Daily Mail points to a 2019 tweet from Daniel, stating “Police all across the country are proving *daily* why #DefundThePolice is necessary.”

“I’m old enough to remember summa y’all claiming activists were going too far,’ Favors, the Center for Law and Social Justice at City University New York executive director, added.

With Favors’ and Daniels’ past tweets coming back to bite them, they’re not doing any favors for Hochul or the reparations commission, which was created at the end of 2023.

Addressing the legacy of slavery, Hochul advised her reasoning behind setting up the task force by telling New Yorkers “not to excuse” the state’s role in slavery. Although the panel’s creation may be a positive in furthering the cause of reparation, it hasn’t gone without criticism. Especially with Daniels’ and Favors’ tweets adding to the argument against the group, which is expected to incur between $5 million and $10 million to just set up before anything involving reparations is proposed.

“The reparations of slavery were paid with the blood and lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought to end slavery during the Civil War,’ said state Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert Ortt.

Ron Daniels - via The National African Reparations
Ron Daniels – via The National African Reparations Commission

“This commission will stoke further division in New York and waste millions of taxpayer dollars that could be spent educating the public about our history and improving communities.”

In an interview with the New York Post, State Conservative Party chairman Gerard Kassar didn’t mince words on what he thought of the panel. For him, it’s a solid thumbs-down.

“The commission on reparations was ridiculous from the start. This proves it,” Kassar told the Post. “These sound like people who have preconceived notions of what they view as white privilege. Unbelievable. There’s no way these appointees should serve on the commission given their comments.”

The issues with the panel, Daniels, and Favors mark the latest in the continuing saga surrounding reparations. According to the Daily Mail, New York is the third state to set up a panel to consider payment of reparations to the descendants of African Americans who were held in slavery. Since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in 2020, the issue has been prominent. Yet setbacks in various forms have prevented any movement on reparations.

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