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Morbidly Obese TikToker (Cekeyus) Puts A Stop to RN’s Unsolicited Advice | WATCH

Morbidly Obese TikToker Cekeyus (left) and RN Curtis (right) / screenshot
TikTok users Cekeyus (left) and RN Curtis (right) / screenshot

*Unsolicited advice from a travel nurse / RN is falling on the deaf ears of a morbidly obese TikTok user.

Under the TikTok handle @travelnursecurtis, RN Curtis attempted to help fellow social media partaker Cekeyus (a.k.a Eat with Cekeyus) with educating her on her unhealthy eating and health risks associated with obesity. Cekeyus is known for her TikTok videos, which feature her eating unhealthy foods.

Although he praised her for her cooking, Sandra Rose noted Cutis’ following remarks, which got to the heart of his concerns.

“Listen, Cekeyus, those burgers, the bacon, the cheese – looks all delicious. But they can have an everlasting, long-lasting effect,” Curtis said, revealing he weighed 350 lbs. before undergoing gastric bypass surgery and losing weight.

The travel nurse went on to explain that, as a RN, he has seen the long-lasting effects of unhealthy eating habits, which result in diabetes and high blood pressure, among other conditions.

@travelnursecurtis #stitch with @Mrs.Jones🦋 ♬ original sound – CurTyFresh&Brandy

Despite his good intentions, Curtis’ advice did not prevent Cekeyus blocking him on all her social media pages.

According to Sandra Rose, Curtis’s post to Cekeyus was viewed more than 2.9 million times.

Following up on the situation an emotional Curtis revealed Cekeyus blocked him from viewing her content.

“Cekeyus, I want you to know that I meant no disrespect, no harm. I’m still your number 1 fan. I love your content, and I can’t wait to see where you go in life,” he stated, adding, “I’m a RN, I’m a travel nurse, and that’s one of the things we do as nurses is educate people.”

@travelnursecurtis♬ Emotional – Bang Nono

Curtis’ heart may have been in the right place, but his interaction with Cekeyus rubbed some TikTok followers the wrong way. Curtis has denied claims of trying to “blow up” TikTok with his actions toward Cekeyus.

On the flipside, some took in Curtis’ comments and asked about becoming registered nurses and the gastric bypass operation.

For one TikToker, it was a view felt by many, with voicing Cekeyus (and other morbidly obese women) know they have unhealthy eating habits, but don’t care.

So, what say you? Do you agree with the TikToker on their assessment of Cekeyus? Are you in favor of Curtis’ efforts to help her avoid the consequences of her morbid obesity or is he sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong to become the next TikTok sensation?

Scroll down below to share your thoughts.

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