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M. Night Shyamalan Drops Trailer for Chilling New Thriller ‘Trap’ | Watch

*Actor Josh Hartnett is making a comeback as a creepy father with a dark past in director M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, “Trap.”

The story centers on a man (Hartnett) attending a pop concert with his daughter, where they realize they’re at the center of a sinister event. Watch the chilling trailer above. 

“Trap” also stars Ariel Donoghue, Saleka Shyamalan, Hayley Mills and Allison Pill. 

As PEOPLE reports, at a “Trap” preview event in Los Angeles on April 16, Shyamalan spoke about his casting process and said he’s always “looking for someone that’s willing to just let go completely, give themselves … to the movie and leap, leap, leap.”

TRAP - Official Trailer
Josh Hartnett in M. Night Shyamalan’s TRAP / Warner Bros. Pictures

He added, “Don’t protect yourself. That’s my job. And we both just empathize and find that beautiful electricity. That requires the right actor at the right time in their life. And that’s where Josh was when I met him.”

Hartnett is “very smart and he’s very analytical,” added Shyamalan.

“I saw him in Black Mirror, which was a great episode. And then, Chris [Nolan] cast him in Oppenheimer. And then, I cast him,” Shyamalan at the LA preview, Collider reports. “It was just a feeling of the right person at the right time who has a lot to say. It’s so beautiful when you have an artist at the right place. It was so lovely. I just had the most wonderful time working with him.

Shyamalan also revealed that the Prince album-and-movie “Purple Rain” inspired this project. 

Shyamalan took over an arena in Toronto for two months to film “Trap.”

“We put on a full-blown concert in an arena outside Toronto. I needed an arena to give me [the space] for two months. Who’s gonna give me a 20,000-seat arena for two months? We just got so lucky because they were renovating and I said, “Stop and let me just take over for two months,” and they said okay,” he explained.

“It was a very complicated and wonderfully rewarding process. I was just very excited about it. I was doing it with Saleka and we were coming up with it together, with the different departments, from production design to the costumes to the choreography,” Shyamalan added. “From having done some of Saleka’s videos – both Ishana and I have directed some of her music videos – I’ve learned the form of dance as storytelling is absolutely amazing.”

“Trap” is in theaters Aug. 9.

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