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Killer Mike Details His Reason Why Black Men Should Only Marry Black Women | VIDEO

Killer Mike - Getty
Killer Mike – Getty

*Killer Mike is not shy about airing his thoughts on sociopolitical topics. Interracial marriage is no different, with the GA rhyme slinger voicing his support of black men only taking black women to be their wives.

Referencing an episode of The Breakfast Club that aired on Feb. 14, HipHopDX detailed Mike’s response after host, Charlemagne Tha God asked him to elaborate on a quote he made on the same show in 2019.

“I married a Black woman; a lot of my critics did not,” Killer Mike said.

Explaining the comment, the Grammy winner alluded to the late economist, commentator, and academic Walter E. Williams, who died in 2020. The syndicated columnist and author was known for his classical liberal and libertarian views as well as guest hosting the Rush Limbaugh radio show when the controversial host was unavailable.

“Walter E. Williams said there’s only one case he agreed with in terms of segregation. He says: ‘That’s when it comes to marriage — you should marry a Black woman,’” Killer Mike told Charlemagne while detailing his support of Williams’ view.

“Who’s going to understand me like a Black woman? Who gon’ understand my pain, my strife, my struggle? Who’s going to understand culturally how important it is for my Black children to be proud to be Black? Even when she didn’t birth these children, she’s still their mother — nobody’s going to do that like a Black woman.

“That’s not putting down other people, but that’s [to] say before you criticize me now, I’m going to look at your life decisions, n-gga, and if your life decisions didn’t bring you to a Black woman, then, n-gga, a lot of the shit you say might not be [credible].”

Killer Mike’s comments on interracial marriage come amid an active few days that saw him win three Grammys and being arrested the same night. The entertainer, who departed the annual show in handcuffs on Feb. 4, was booked on a misdemeanor battery charge. The charge came via a citizen’s arrest after Killer Mike allegedly got into a physical altercation with a security guard, DX noted.

During a recent appearance on “The View,” the Run the Jewels member stood his ground after admitting has a “good relationship” with Republican governor, Brian Kemp. The confession hit s sore spot with host Sunny Hostin, who said Mike “lost her” with his “support” for Kemp, who is noted for defeating his Democrat opponent Stacey Abrams in the Georgia elections.

“Not support of Kemp. That’s some misinformation. You can not like me, but don’t lie to me,” said Mike, who set the record straight regarding people lying about his name when it comes to his values and those he associates with. “He’s the governor of my state — I have to be involved with him. I can’t divorce myself. But let me say this: if you criticize someone, don’t lie. Don’t say I didn’t support Abrams, because I did.

“Don’t say I don’t support Democrats because I’ve helped get three Democratic mayors elected, two state representatives elected, but if someone is in the king’s seat, I’m not going to not have dinner with the king on behalf of my people. I have to do that.”

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