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Local Houston Rapper Charged with Holding Woman Against Her Will in His Garage for Last 5 Years | WATCH

*If you haven’t heard of local Houston rapper Lee Arthur Carter, who looks waaaay past his prime, here’s why he’s in the news.

Carter, whose stage name is “Viper” is now in the custody of the Houston Police Dept.  He’s being charged with aggravated kidnapping after allegedly holding a woman captive in his home for four to five years.

In court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the alleged victim told police that she was kidnapped by Carter while panhandling. While in Carter’s captivity, the woman says she was forced to live in his garage, where she was repeatedly sexually assaulted and deprived of a bathroom or shower. He also allegedly forced her to take crack cocaine and other narcotics.

When they found the woman, HPD says she weighed “approximately 70 pounds,” was wearing “filthy dirty” clothes, and had “crusty” hair. The garage contained a mattress covered in “fresh vomit,” a “makeshift toilet,” and a dripping faucet, as well as a pile of diapers, bags of chips, and Twinkies.

Houston rapper Lee Carter a/k/a Viper- Harris County Sheriff's Office mugshot
Lee Carter – Harris County Sheriff’s Office mugshot

Now that he’s under arrest, Carter is being held on $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in a Houston court for a preliminary hearing on Monday, January 8.

In a previous court appearance, a public defender told the judge that Carter is employed as a real estate broker. The public defender also said that Carter has seven children, ranging from one to 31 years old.

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