Saturday, June 22, 2024

EUR Video News: GloRilla Sidesteps Political Discourse Following White House Encounter | WATCH

GloRilla / Getty

*GloRilla, the “F.N.F” wordsmith stopped by CNN to recount her recent venture to the White House, honoring Women’s History Month in the esteemed company of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Inquisitive CNN anchor Laura Coates probed Glo about potential endorsements or voter advocacy from the POTUS. “That’s not my melody,” GloRilla quipped. “I’m just grooving to life’s rhythm, golden like Jill Scott’s anthem.”

“I steer clear of political debates, but love? Love transcends,” she affirmed. “At the close of day, unity prevails.”

GloRilla’s White House rendezvous lit up her Instagram feed, a mosaic of moments shared with Biden, punctuated by mutual affirmations, perhaps a melodic nod to her own track. Her social media chronicle painted a vivid tableau of camaraderie with Biden and Harris, advocating for a stance of measured silence in the face of uncertainty.

Check out GloRilla and Laura Coates, below.

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