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A+E Claims Wendy Williams’ Guardian Attempted to Muzzle Lifetime Docuseries Following Critical Trailer Viewing

*Before Lifetime’s controversial documentary on Wendy Williams‘ health and addiction struggles aired in late February, A+E Networks faced a legal battle with her court-appointed guardian, alleging she sought to block the film’s release due to its negative portrayal. The New York County Supreme Court recently unsealed documents revealing this dispute.

Sabrina Morrissey, Williams’ guardian since 2022, filed a lawsuit on Feb. 22 against A+E Networks to halt the release of “Where Is Wendy Williams?” The unsealed records suggest Morrissey acted only after realizing the documentary might criticize her role in Williams’ life.

“Only after seeing the documentary’s trailer and realizing her role in Ms. [Williams’] life may be criticized did Ms. Morrissey enlist the courts to unconstitutionally silence that criticism,” A+E Networks attorney Rachel Strom wrote in a petition to vacate the order, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Williams, under financial guardianship since 2022, contested the appointment, claiming improved health. Allegations of financial exploitation stemmed from purchases made by her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., addressed in the documentary.

Sabrina Morrissey - Facebook
Sabrina Morrissey – Facebook

Morrissey argued that Williams lacked the legal or mental capacity to authorize her participation. The court granted an emergency restraining order, later reversed, citing First Amendment rights.

A+E claimed Morrissey knew of the documentary for months but acted days before airing. They disputed her concerns over the film’s portrayal, citing a press release by Williams’ care team revealing her health conditions.

The motion to vacate countered Morrissey’s attempt to void Williams’ talent agreement, signed before her dementia diagnosis. A+E argued no defamation or privacy violations occurred, and Williams was compensated.

A&E highlighted the public interest in the documentary, addressing conservatorship issues akin to the #FreeBritney movement.

In the film, Williams’ sister expressed willingness to assume guardianship, emphasizing her focus on Wendy’s health.

Wendy Williams - Lifetime
Wendy Williams – Lifetime

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