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‘Euphoria’ Star Nika King Jokes She Can’t Pay Rent Due to Season 3 Delay

Zendaya (in HBO’s Euphoria)

*The premiere of “Euphoria” season 3 is anticipated for 2025, following numerous delays since the airing of its second season in 2019.

Nika King, a cast member, recently quipped about her inability to pay rent for months, attributing it to the show’s uncertain status.

“Don’t ask me [when Season 3 is coming out]. I don’t fucking know. Don’t ask me, I don’t know,” she said during a recent stand-up show. King shared a clip on her TikTok account. “People are like, ‘We need Season 3,’ and I’m like, bitch, I need Season 3! I haven’t paid my rent in six months.”

Zendaya, star of the Sam Levinson-created series, is currently promoting her new film “Dune: Part Two.” King, who plays her mom in “Euphoria” joked that the actress is holding up the show’s third season.

“And Zendaya’s over in Paris at Fashion Week. I’m like, ‘Bitch, come home! I need you. Mama needs you.’” King said. Watch the clip below.

@iamnikaking Pkease stop asking me about s3 #euphoria #hbo #zendaya #ruemamawildin ♬ original sound – iamnikaking

According to Teen Vogue, season 3 of “Euphoria” has not started filming because it is still being written.

“I haven’t booked nothing since Euphoria,” said King during her stand-up show. “This is some bullsh*t,” she continued. “I thought my career was on the rise after Euphoria. I thought I was good. It don’t work that way.”

King added, “I called Taraji, she was like, ‘Bitch, get used to it,’” King said, referring to Taraji P. Henson’s admission last year that she was considering quitting acting because of the unfair treatment of Black women in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, in May 2023, Executive Vice President of HBO Programming Francesca Orsi shared updates about the progress of the “Euphoria” production.

“Euphoria is one of those that we had begun writing in tandem with post-production on The Idol, but at this point, we don’t have countless scripts,” Orsi told Deadline, according to Teen Vogue. “We can’t start shooting, so the delivery of that show — ideally in 2025 — will be determined on when we can pick back up with Sam [Levinson], who at this point is all pencils down and just finishing posts on Idol.”

Levinson is reportedly busy working on “Euphoria” Season 3.

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