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Disney Dreamers Academy Mentors, Tours, Speeches & Songs | Watch

1,600 Disney Dreamers have participated in the event since its creation

Disney Dreamers Academy students receive commencement rings celebrating their experience during the five-day event at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista Fla. on April 7, 2024. (Mark Ashman, photographer)

2024 marks the Disney Dreamers Academy 17th year!

The educational mentorship program created and hosted by Walt Disney World Resort, introduces 100 Disney Dreamers to an array of
new immersions designed to continue to foster the dreams of young leaders beyond imagination, including career-building workshops, networking sessions, mentorship connections and introductions to future professional opportunities at The Walt Disney Company and beyond.

Watch this years Image Makeover, Entrepreneur Living Lab and DJ Big Tiger mentorship below.

Students apply by answering a series of essay questions about their personal stories, the influential people in their lives and their dreams for the future. The final 100 participants are selected by a panel of judges.

Watch this years surprises from Axiom Space and Dolby. Plus, the commencement ceremony with a moving speech from Daymond John and a beautiful song from DREAMbassador Dara Renne below.

Dolby executives declared they create technology that helps creative people tell their stories, and they want to help others tell their stories. So, on behalf of the Dolby Institute, they’re excited to announce they’re going to bring one dreamer out to LA to visit some studios – the Rerecording mixer for Walt Disney animation on the Disney Studios lot. Plus, go to the head of audio at Netflix headquarters. And meet the sound mixer who mixed the Taylor Swift The Eras concert currently on Disney Plus, and Dolby Atlas, and Dolby Vision.

Axiom executives announced they’ve got one special dreamer who is going to be able to go behind the scenes at Axiom Space, to see the spacesuits and meet the people creating the future of the program.

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